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I wish you knew how enthusiastic my "HI" actually is cos I miss this space! Miss penning down my travelogue and "talking" to you girls properly hahaha. The past 2 months were crazy that's why I completely neglected my blog. Sorry sorry! 
I just got back from Seoul 5 days ago and I'm so excited to share with y'all cos I had such a great trip with Frans aka my #toppokisister! 
There are 200+ pictures so I'll split the post up ok. And because I'm very tired now, I'll just do day 1!

We took a 12 hour flight to Seoul via Cathay Pacific. We bought a sale ticket for $620 so we had to transit in HK and Taipei :'''''( Super tiring and long flight but thankfully we got front row seats so bigger leg space! Booked an apartment in Hongdae, 10 mins walk away from Hongdae main area. However, I won't recommend it cos it's a bit too far, ulu and a bit dirty so I won't mention the name. The owner was really helpful and nice though!

So anyways we reached our apartment at 12am. Bought some kick ass oven-baked chicken wings for supper and crashed.

Fresh face the next morning with our yoghurt drinks!

So we decided to explore Hongdae main area on the first day. Hongdae and Garosu-gil are my favorite areas. The former has LOTS of cafe, restaurants, shops, and a fair share of street side food. Perfect place for me. And also because it's near to Hongik University which is an arts school so people there dress up a bit more. There's also a crowd of indie college kids who perform at the street at night. (: A lot of bars and clubs sprawling the streets of Hongdae when night falls as well!

We had chicken galbi fried rice at Yoogane for lunch! I heard Yoogane is opened in Bugis now!!! I WANT! 


Frans legs are super long and skinny soooo nice!!! 

Heheh check out my new favorite banana toy! SO CUTE!

Hello Kitty cafe but we were like...NAY NOT A FAN, LET'S JUST TAKE PICTURES AND GO.

 Day 1 outfit! Inner basic cropped top and laced runner shorts will be up on TJM next week.
The weather on the first day was very nice. Very chilly but not too cold (: loved it.

And then we tried the famous Korea soft serve ice cream! Pretty nice but no matter how we tried to take photos of it, it just looked so wrong hahaha.

So I was really looking forward to going to Style Nanda but I only managed to get 3CE make up(which I can easily get in HK) so I was quite disappointed. The clothes were really overpriced and the quality for some of them were quite meh. Just not worth the money. Thankfully I bought quite a lot of make up to compensate for it, and of course bagged home one hour worth of photo booth prints hahahah.

This is my favorite street food in Seoul!!!
It's soooooooooooo good when the toast is sweet and hot, and the egg yolk is slightly runny. I'd die to have this right now!

Korean BBQ for dinner, and our only BBQ throughout our trip. Thought we would spam Korean BBQ there cos we love it and it's cheaper but surprisingly we found it too oily to eat it everyday and had soup everyday instead haha. 

Chanced upon this street singer who sings SO well! We were just walking aimlessly and we got so drawn to this amazing voice so we listened to him sing for like a good 2 hours in the cold. Rly love his voice!!!

*Asian peace sign hehe*

That's about my 1st day in Seoul. 
Sorry I can't really do a proper informative post cos I'm still not familiar with Seoul and I don't remember/can't read all the places' names.

Also, wanna thank Salon Vim for coloring my hair one day before my trip! Adore the subtle splash lights!
They are currently running a sale promotion so hurry get your tresses pampered.

And lastly, I've launched a new collection on TJM! If you like some of my outfits in Seoul, it's there (:

Will be back with part 2 soon!

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