Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lighten dark spots in 10 days! [AD]

All these travelling I've been doing recently has taken a toll on my skin. I'm no longer as fair as before and I think Maldives turned me at least one shade darker and. I love LOVE love the beach so much so I get under the sun quite often. As much as I love being fair, I can't give up on my bi-annual (or more) beach holidays and you know the sickening cycle of spamming whitening cream for months and before you know it, you're tanned again from that 5 days bali trip. It takes MONTHS just to get a shade or two whiter. For the past few months, I had a bit of blemish problems which left some acne scarring so I think the acne spots got even darker and more prominent after I came back from Maldives.

Coincidentally before my Maldives trip, Garnier approached me to try out their new whitening range, Garnier Light Complete White Speed Range. It's said to fade 3 types of dark spots mainly sun spots, acne marks and age spots for fair skin and it's 3x faster than other products. 3x is really a lot faster considering I take months to get fairer or to get rid of dark spots. I decided to try it and compare the results in 10 days since it promises visible results in 10 days!

Here's the entire range consisting brightening foam, toner, dark spot corrector, light complete day and night cream!

Here's my complexion before using Garnier Light Complete White Speed Range!

As you can see, I don't have perfect skin nor a very problematic one. It's kinda like an in between of both but if you look carefully at the second picture, I do have acne marks and dark spots on my cheek cos that's the area I always get break outs.

Here's 10 days after using Garnier Light Complete White Speed Range! Only edited the brightness and applied eye make up and under eye concealer!

Idk why the last pic looks like it's taken with beauty mode cos it WASN'T. And I didn't smooth out my skin with Photoshop also.

It has only been 10 days but the effects of this range are quite good already! The dark spots and scarring look less obvious compared to before. Overall, my entire skin tone looks more even, and even has the added benefit of radiance and glow to my skin!

The key product is this Light Complete day cream which has SPF 20/PA+++ and contains pure lemon essence to boost a healthy glow. It provides 20x longer protection against sun's UVA and UVB rays to help prevent darkening and future spots! It smells very nice and citrusy too!

Another defining product in the entire range is the Dark spot corrector which is a daily illuminating serum!

The dark spot corrector helps to correct the dark spots by visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots and illuminates skin natural glow, while giving intense 24hr moisturization. it's highly concentrated in pure Vitamin C, known for its anti-oxidant and brightening properties to fade all three types of dark spots for even skin tone. 

To make it simpler, the day cream helps to prevent future marks whereas the dark spot corrector helps to visibly reduce the current spots/marks.

My favourite in the Garnier Light Complete White Speed Range has to be the dark spot corrector as it's very light-weight and does its job! It sits very comfortably on the skin and is very compact for me to bring around.

If you want to reduce your dark spots 3x faster, you should definitely consider Garnier Light Complete White Speed Range! You can find them in Watsons and Guardian (:

Check out their in-store promotions and get the Day & Night creams at 2 for $28 (U.P. $19.90 each) in the month of May from Watsons, Guardian or major supermarkets! Promotion dates vary by retailers.

Now, go be a fair lady!

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Maldives Travelogue With Canon PowerShot

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Maldives has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I'm so glad I finally get to strike it off. Maldives has ocean and skies that collide so beautifully, waters in the warmest gradients of blue and green. Just the perfect place to take lots of pictures! It's such a picturesque place that every corner of Maldives makes a photo-worthy backdrop. I’m not a fan of lugging big bags around, what more around a beach location. So I was pretty happy to receive the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS as my travel companion for this trip! (Thank you Canon!)

Albeit quite a short trip, it was still a great getaway from Singapore. To be honest, the water activities were very tempting but the price point was a little steep e.g. 15 minutes of Parasailing was USD $100. So this ended up being more of a scenic and relaxing trip.

For those of you who have never been to Maldives, it’s actually made up of many islands. We stayed at Sheraton Maldives and it covered the whole island! There were beach huts, island cottages and deluxe rooms. We stayed in the deluxe room but what I loved about our room was that it was literally a few steps from the beach (and nearer to the food/sports area:))!

This was taken right outside our room. With such a scenic background, how could one resist taking pictures with the alluring sea and rustic sea-huts? Moreover, I had Mae as my roommate so you can imagine how getting ready and dressing up with Mae was like! I will admit that it was sweltering hot taking pictures under the sun but looking at all the photos collected from the trip, it was all worth it.:)

So I shall let the pictures do the talking. All pictures in this post were taken with the compact and handy Canon PowerShot SX600 HS. Stay tuned to below for my thoughts on the camera as well as some contest details on how you could win yourself a PowerShot camera!

I love this shot so much! From the colours of the photo to the flow of the dress to the photo composition!

I was mostly using auto mode cos it's very intelligent in getting the colours I want and it auto focuses on the primary objects! Another of my most frequently used mode and FAVORITE function is the Hybrid Auto!

What's so special about it you may ask? It creates a short clip when shooting still images! To put it simply, it automatically takes a video while I ‘half-press’ the shutter button before snapping my photos and it combines the footages to create a video. So it kinda acts like a video summary of what I see through my eyes! Isn't it cool? You won't need another camera to create a video and you can take photos at the same time!

Wi-Fi for me is a MUST in a camera, especially when I'm overseas so I can share my adventures and ootd on the go! Thankfully there's built-in Wi-Fi on the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS so I could share all my Maldivian adventures (like stand up paddle and sailing out for snorkeling) and bikini shots on the go hehehe.

Played with the zoom on the camera for this. Some of the other girls on the trip had a way crazier zoom on their cameras but this 18x zoom seemed pleasant enough!

So happy that I managed to get so many nice outfit/swimwear shots with this camera (:

This was one of the complimentary activities that came along with the resort. Stand-up paddling! (which was actually quite tiring haha)

On the boat on the way to snorkeling!

Selfies with Mae using portrait mode!

Other than Auto Mode, there is also a Creative Shot Mode which creates multiple images with effects from its in-built filters like B/W, vintage feel etc. etc.! So for those of you who like convenience, this camera may do the trick for you!

Sunsets in Maldives are SO pretty, just look at that (: My pet swan seemed to be a hit among everyone and I felt like a proud mother overlooking it as they floated out to sea. Haha thanking the Image Stabilizer in the camera as I managed to catch nice photos clearly even as I was waddling in the water!

Overall, I had fun exploring with the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS and I love how slim and compact it is without compromising too much on the functions. It has a wide array of functions to achieve different kind of shots (e.g. Creative Filters, Creative Shot Mode, etc.). Of course, my favourite is the Hybrid Mode cos it creates a short clip which can pretty much be turned into a video diary, effortlessly! With this camera, I can look back at the video and smile at my Maldivian memories. I also love how fast the in-built Wi-Fi is! It takes less than 3 seconds for each photo to be transferred to my phone, wow! (:

If you're looking for a compact camera with many functions and in-built Wi-Fi, you can consider this camera or any other in the PowerShot series! (: For those of you interested to check out the other shots taken with different PowerShot cameras, head on over to:

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Contest ends on 15 May, 2015 so don’t wait too long! T&C’s can be found on the website.:)

Thank you again Canon for giving me this chance to explore this beautiful island and letting me capture so many beautiful pictures for keepsake.

Till we meet again, Maldives :*

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