Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sophia Chong X Ninth Store Sale!

If you've been eyeing on the black pants which I wore in BKK (which a lot of my friends complimented) then you gotta read this. I'm sure y'all notice that I don't do a lot of blogshop advertorials and that's cos I prefer to be more selective and share with y'all stores I like. 
It's not my first time working with Ninth Store and this time they are very kind to do a SophiaChongXNinthStore sale which is a 25% off sale that ends on Sunday night!

Love the polka dot skirt and striped pants! 25% off when you mention SOPHXCHRISTMAS!

My whole outfit was gifted by Ninth Store and I love it! The pants are super duper comfortable, not to mention fitting as well. I've been wearing it to death hehe. 

Shimmer bomber jacket (U.P $28.00) is $21 only, and suspender pants (U.P $20) is only $15 after discount!

They have a bunch of tote bags for casual laid-back days as well! 

Make sure you follow them on Instagram for exclusive deals and updates! @ninthstore

Now now, get your wallet ready and shop their Christmas sale!!
Here's how you can get 25% off
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Hey, you!

It's the time of the night when I just feel like giving thanks, so here it is.
This year, I feel so extremely blessed in every way possible. Sometimes I think God spoils me too much but hey who's complaining? Almost if not all my prayers were answered and just when I thought things wouldn't fall into place nicely for me, it just many times. It seems surreal. One of the biggest wishes I got this year was to get Invisalign and just when I was hoping for it, BOOM IT HAPPENED. Then double eyelid surgery (which I'm so super pleased with by the way), then having to work with big clients I've never dared to dream of. Then buying my air tick to Stockholm London Paris Bath Kiruna and Abisko. I'm still in disbelief I'm seeing the northern lights in 2 weeks' time POW WOW WOW. Opportunities I've been given by people who believe in me, you guys are so amazing and thank you for placing your trust in me. TJM has been pretty smooth-sailing this year as well minus some bumps, and I've bigger and more exciting plans lined up for 2015 for my dear TJM so keep your eyes peeled. This is also one of the best years for Daniel and I. We've grown so much together this year and we have started talking/planning about more "adult-ish" things, if you know what I mean ;) I'm so darn thankful for this great man and nothing would have been any easier without his arm of support and strength. So thank you for being the supportive man behind this sometimes clumsy and silly woman. 

I'm at a point of my life I feel like it's perfect and wish time could stand still. Well of course, no one's life is perfect but I feel perfection comes from a self-seek contentment. If you learn to be contented with what you have and overlook some imperfections, you'd be much happier and that's what you deserve. (Ok maybe I'm cheery cos I just and finally got my iPhone6 today wahahah). 
I pray next year would be even better. That I can work more with like-minded people whose mindsets and passions intertwine with mine. That TJM can be bigger and better. That people I love remain happy cos that makes me equally happy. And that the flame with Daniel will continue to burn bright and alive. Learn to fall in love with life, and life will love you back. 

Goodnight to those who still read this space, X!

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Sunday, 9 November 2014


I'm sure SK-II needs no introduction but for those who are living in a cave, SK-II is one of the most famous and best skincare brands across this globe. A unique and significant ingredient, Pitera, promises to dramatically improve the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process and delivers supple, smooth and soft skin! If you noticed the faces of SK-II, you would notice a similarity in all their skin. SK-II ambassadors like Tang Wei, Ayase Haruka and Kate Bosworth all have fair translucent skin which GLOWS. To me, that's the nirvana of complexion and something I wish to achieve. 

Was so excited and honoured to be invited to SK-II #ChangeDestiny launch event where I got to meet Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee (who's sooooo graceful and swan-like hehe), and watch the unveiling of the Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence.

We didn't color-coordinate beforehand, it was coincidental haha!

This is the beautiful Lee Yeon Hee! Pictures don't do her justice. She's super beautiful, tall and most importantly she has F L A W L E S S skin that glows. Tricia, Jeneen and I couldn't stop gushing over her glowy skin. I've never seen anything like this before. It wasn't just fair and poreless. It was glowing and she's effortlessly the limelight of the entire event.


*so envious*

Front-row seats with these pretty ladies for SK-II fashion show.

Two of my favorite dresses designed by Laselle students (:

Was super stoked for the unveiling of SK-II Limited Ed Facial Treatment Essence cos last year's christmas bottle was super pretty so I reckoned this year's would be even better!

FLORAL THEMED BOTTLES! I think it's really really nice and girly. And it really adds a touch of elegance and feminity to the bottles. Here are my favorites!

The yellow set is my favorite! I love the design of the bottle with the yellow flowers, it’s sophisticated but not too loud, subtly elegant :)

I think the men's one is gorgeous! Daniel, you know what to expect for Christmas already ^^

The very next day, we headed back to SK-II again for a meaningful round of gifting and a beauty talk session with SK-II beauty trainer, Louis Chua. Hehe we were bombarding Louis with questions regarding  products suitable for our skin types, ways to massage our face and eyes, solution to milia seeds etc etc. Will share the tips with y'all briefly below! (:

Tip #1 : How to apply moisturizer and get a V-shaped face

When applying moisturizer, apply it like how we are doing it in the above picture. Massage it in circular motions 6 times! If you're trying to achieve a V-shape face, then you got to try this effective massage that he taught us. Simply place both your thumb and knuckle of the second finger at your chin and massage up your jawline. Use both hands! Do this 6 times daily and you'll see results within a week. I've been doing it religiously and it's working on me :D

Tip #2 : Eye massage and how to prevent milia seeds

If you have mild milia seed problem like me, then you gotta read this!
Firstly, milia seed is caused by oiliness and uneven distribution of eye cream so you got to learn to spread your eye cream or gel evenly before applying it. 
Take a pearl size of your eye cream and put it on your 4th finger. Press it with your other 4th finger and spread it evenly between 2 fingers. Don't belittle the pressing and spreading cos it help to liquify the cream and spread the oil evenly. Dab 3 spots at the bottom of your eye and 1 on top then massage it gently starting and ending at the inner corner of your eyes, making one full circle. Do it 6 times. 
After that, starting from the inner corner of your eyes, massage it outwards and stop at the outer corner of your eyes. Repeat it 6 teims and do the same for the top eyelid as well. 

You can also do some eye acupressure for your eyes like pressing the temples and inner corner of your eyes for 5 seconds each. Exert more pressure at the 3rd count (:

 Tip #3 : Get rid of neck wrinkles

This is one area which many people neglect but it's also the area that's always exposed and shows the signs of aging. You can use your face moisturizer or use a stronger one for your neck. Simply massage your neck upwards. Do it inwards from your collarbone. Remember to get a proper pillow that's not too high as it causes neck lines too!

Also, I learnt from Louis something new today! Do you know that SK-II actually provides in-depth consultations that recommends you the right products so that you can look forward to better quality skin for as long as the next 20 years?#ChangeDestiny challenges us to go beyond following their everyday routine, but to take a closer look at what can be done to change our life as well as our skin.

Without further ado, it was shopping time! But this time it isn't for myself (: Christmas is coming and I won't be in Singapore during Christmas so I have to prepare my gifts for my loved ones early. Decided to pick a few SK-II products for my dad, mum, sister and Daniel for Christmas. It was so hard to choose cos SK-II has a wide variety of products but decided to go with their bestsellers for most of the ones I picked.

This cellumination aura essence apparently is the mother of whitening and brightening! Can't wait to try it on myself also (:

 Pitera range

Anti-ageing range

SK-II was super thoughtful to arrange a craft session for us to design our gift box! They even got us TWG macarons to munch on. Super super thoughtful (: Thank you!!!!

Heheh Jeneen's giftbox is really pretty! Mine is themed "sky full of stars" specially for Daniel (:

So here are all the Christmas gifts I have for my family and Daniel. Pretty sure they're gonna be so happy when they unbox it cos who won't love receiving SK-II for Christmas??? I got Daniel the Facial Treatment Essence last year and he loves it! He's been complaining recently that his bottle is finishing soon, but don't worry boyfriend (:

On top of the gifts, I also bagged home 3 products for myself to use. I've heard too many good reviews about the Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Aura Essence!

The bottles are damn pretty I cannot take it!!! (: Can't wait to have the same glow as Lee Yeon Hee eventually (hopefully hehe). Will do a product review next time in a separate post when I've used them for a longer time k.

For now, I believe I've given you an idea what to get for your family and friends for Christmas! (: Boyfriends reading this space, trust me your girlfriend would be damn happy to receive a red box of SK-II products! (:

SK-II Pitera Essence Set                                                        S$99.00
SK-II Miracle in a Bottle                                        S$233.00
SK-II Best Essential Set                                                          S$398.00
SK-II Revival Deluxe Set                                       S$452.00
SK-II Aura Glow Set                                                                S$532.00
SK-II Men Essentials Set                                       S$322.00
SK-II Colours Collection                                        S$69.00*

* Exclusive price available with any purchase

To find out more about #ChangeDestiny, visit:

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Daniel's 22nd @ New Majestic Hotel!

I'm back with so many pictures for Daniel's 22nd birthday. It was so tough planning his birthday cos he kept insisting he didn't want any present and just wanted to spend quality time with me. But I, on the other hand wanted to give him both cos we didn't get to celebrate his 21st last year on the actual day cos he was in Taiwan. Anyhoos, thank God everything went extremely smoothly and he was very happy at the end of the day (:

Started the day at Plain cafe while waiting for our hotel room to be ready (:

We've been wanting to try New Majestic Hotel for awhile now cos we chanced upon some pictures online and it looks so nice and artsy. So we couldn't find a more opportune time to have a staycation here. 

Details oh details~

The lobby was such a welcoming sight and the cultural/historical books corner was just a plus point!
Was so excited to see how our Premier Garden room looked like.

I literally screamed "AHHHHH SO PINK OMG I LOVE IT" when I opened the door to our room. And Daniel was like, "your birthday right?" hahaha
The room is of a decent size, not too small nor creepily big. I love how modern yet cultural preserved the room is. And definitely love the idea of the bed frame hanging from the ceiling.

And yes we have a garden/patio which has a lounging area and a stand alone bath tub!
Perfect for couples (:

Did I mention that the bed is really comfortable too?

Daniel was so fascinated with the SmartTV. I was quite shocked too cos I would only expect such technology in continental hotels instead of boutique hotels. Good job, New Majestic!


All non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar is complimentary, woohoo! 
And one of my favorite part of the room?

Kiehl's toiletries!
I've always hated using hotels toiletries cos their shampoo is super drying and the conditioner doesn't even feel smooth, but I was super elated that New Majestic provides Kiehl's products. Even Daniel loves it.

We decided to take an afternoon dip in the pool which is located right outside our room. Talk about convenience (:

Dipping in K.BLU swim royal blue halter neck bikini!

The pool is a tad small but we were the only people there so it was sufficient. The sun was getting a bit too intense so we went back to the room to dip in our cute bathtub!

Lazed around for abit and then brought Daniel to Capricci for his birthday dinner! Read online that they serve super nice italian food and was so excited. Very good service there and thank you for acceding to my request of the private cellar room (:

Happy birthday my man, love you so much!

We were super stuffed from the dinner set and I was a tad high from the wine. Sigh my alcohol tolerance....pretty much non-existent.

Hotel breakfast the next day!

After our check-out, I brought Daniel to the last bit of his birthday plan which was...Gold Class!
Both of us have never tried Goldclass/Platinum suites before so decided to try it this time and watched John Wick. The whole theatre was empty so it was more like private screening hahah. Ordered lunch inside also and it was not bad. 
Is platinum suites better? I thought the Goldclass experience was so-so. Like not bad but I wouldn't pay so much on a normal day. 

Daniel and I enjoyed ourselves so much these 2 days. It's pretty rare we both get off-days and have it all for ourselves. Thank you Unlisted Collection and New Majestic Hotel for putting us up, it was a wonderful stay! I'll definitely want to check out other restaurants/hotels under unlisted collection. Another famed boutique hotel under them is wanderlust hotel (:
You can check out their fine list of hotels and restaurants here ->

And most importantly, happy birthday to you again Daniel. Thankful for such an understanding, uncontrolling, supportive boyfriend. Hope you're enjoying your presents (I know you are hahah)

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