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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Trinity Medical Centre : Fixing clogged pores

Well, you can say I've been preparing this blog post for half a year already (except of course it's not an expose). I've always had pretty good skin in year 2014 cos I was very diligent in my skincare regime and Albion was awesome. However, I decided to try out a new and very renowned brand in November 2014 hoping that it would make my complexion even better. Look at what happens to greedy girls. To my dismay, it was really the WORST nightmare. I don't wanna name the brand of the skincare cos it has actually worked for many many people. I'm just one of the unlucky ones who reacted so badly to it. 
Let's call it Brand X. 
I used a full range by Brand X for a month and it gave me massive breakouts and clogged pores around my jawline and cheeks. I had never faced such bad complexion before, to such a point where my face was extremely bumpy. I couldn't and didn't want to hide it with make up so I ran to Doctor Lim from Trinity Medical Centre for help. Of course, I completely stopped using Brand X. 

Think I'm exaggerating about my bad skin condition? Here's a collage to validate my point.

I used to have dewy skin like this just slightly more than a year ago. Can you imagine how devastated I was?

Dr Lim advised me to do extraction + aqua ST treatment + carbon laser every 3 weeks to treat my skin and remove the bumps underneath my skin. The pores on my cheek were rather enlarged (I used to pick on my pimple when I was young) so I could understand why it would be clogged but I just didn't understand why would my jawline be SO clogged since the pores are barely visible. And I never had breakouts on my jawline before! There were at least 20-30 small bumps on each side of my jawline each time I visited Dr Lim. 

I entrusted my complexion to Dr Lim and diligently went for my treatments.
You can read about both treatments here.

It took almost half a year and almost 6-8 sessions for all the bumps on my jawline to disappear. Slowly but surely. 
It's a bit long but I'm just so glad it has finally COMPLETELY disappeared. The bumps affected my self-esteem so much and I didn't like being under the sun cos it was even more obvious.

Carbon Laser

Now that 7 months have passed, my complexion has improved tremendously from the first time I ran to Dr Lim for help and I'm so so so grateful for what he has done.
My complexion still isn't as good as it was before but I'm sure it will get there soon!
Here's how it looks now!
*With only eye make up*

As you can see there's still a bit of bumps on my cheek but it has decreased and lightened significantly. My jawline isn't clogged anymore too! It's also a bit dehydrated cos I'm still laying off moisturizer.

Personally, I think the one treatment that really helped me a lot was Carbon Laser. It controlled my oil sebum and also prevented clogging of pores. So if you are facing the same problem and can only afford one treatment, I say go for Carbon Laser. Also, I've laid off a lot of skincare products during the past 6 months. I am only using my toner and acne gel.
I'mma get back to using the one and only Albion once I feel the time is right!

Looking forward to my next treatment with Trinity Medical Centre.
If you're looking for skin solutions, feel free to head down for consultations (:

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Ending off with a picture I took last week with little filter (:

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