Monday, 27 August 2012



So excited cos it's my first business class flight ^^ 
Arigatou KLM <3

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Iphone photo apps!

Hi girls, today I'm gonna share with y'all the photo apps I'm currently using on my iphone since quite a number of you requested for it! I'll start from the first app (top left) and end with the last app(bottom right)!

1. MULTI-LENS (free)

Multi-lens is a collage app and you can choose the number of pictures you want in a collage. 
This is the typical 4 grid collage using multi-lens.

The pros of multi-lens is that the grids and shapes aren't rigid. You can select 1-4 pictures in a collage in different sizes like this...

However, the disadvantage of multi-lens is that you can't upload pictures from the photo library to make into a collage. You have to take photos directly from multi-lens app. But the good thing is that if you're unhappy with that one shot in the collage, you can tap on the photo and retake till you're satisfied without affecting the rest of the photos in the collage.

2. LABELBOX (free)

Choose, paste, type.
Yup it's that easy!! Just choose the label you want, paste it on your photo and type your caption!! Love the candy colours of the labels!
Some of my own labelbox pictures...

3. PHONTO (free)

This is a font app for photos. Simply pick your font and colour! It's really straightforward and easy!

4. DIPTIC ($1.28)

Needless to say, this is one of my favorite photo app!! I love the curved edges, or transforming my photos into a circle, making a mirror image etc. This is really a good app to play around. There are also contrast/brightness editing functions too!

Unlike multi-lens, you can upload pictures from your photo library to edit and make into a collage with rounded edges!!

Used "mirror image" for this photo!

5. TWEEGRAM (free)

This is the app for you to announce to the whole world WHATEVER you want them to know, or for you to keep a checklist. For those who like to emo and tweet sad quotes, you can flowerize them now!! Or you want to scold someone who's following you on instagram, DO IT ON TWEEGRAM HAHAH.

See, so many designs for you to flowerize your scoldings and emo quotes LOL.

6. SQUAREADY (free)

How many of you HATE uploading photos on instagram and it has the black border because your picture is not in a perfect squarish shape that instagram has. Or that you have to crop away the sides of your pictures so it can fit into instagram? 


Thus having squaready is like entering paradise for me. It helps to resize my photos into instagram format so I won't have black borders on my pictures anymore!!!

Ok, you can't really tell from the pictures above but basically the black borders will be replaced with white border which will blend in with the white background after you've uploaded your photo on instagram.

7. BOKEHFUL ($1.28)

Bokeh effect is like the craze now so I have three apps which have bokeh effects. 'Bokehful' app lets you choose the colours and shapes of your bokeh and you can tap on the areas where you want your bokehs to be. 


Initally, I wanted to download an app to crop pictures and Photowonder has it. It was after awhile I found out about other amazing functions this app has.

Puffy eyes? Swollen cheeks? Facial breakout? Or even barely visible blusher? THIS APP SOLVES IT ALL.

Ok, I know the Oprah Winfrey's photo looks overdone, but you get my point right??

Here's mine which is not too overdone...

For this photo, I used "sweety" effect to make my cheeks and lips more radiant. And I thinnif-ied my jawline a little! They have other functions like blemish corrector, eye enlarger etc which I didn't use in this picture!

AWESOME APP FOR PHOTOSHOP NOOB LIKE ME. I can't even liquify properly -.-
Oh, and Photowonder has cute stickers and speech bubble! Love the doraemon!

9. PICFX ($2.58)

Picfx is one of my favorite apps too cos it has many nice filters and default bokehs!

Highly recommended!!

10. Phoster ($2.58)

To cut things short, it's "make your own poster" app!

It has many pre-made poster, all you gotta do is upload your photo and retype the words if you want!

11. LUMIE ($2.58)

This is one of my fav too! Not only does it have bokehs in many many shapes(stars, hearts, skulls, flowers, circles etc), it has light streaks effect and galaxy effect too! And you can choose how light or strong you want the effects to be so it doesn't overpower the contents of the photo! 

That's all the photo apps I'm using now. I tend to use more than one app for a picture so I can achieve nicer effects (: Just play around and you'll definitely like the apps and get the hang of it. Hope it wasn't too confusing (: 

Good Saturday all!

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

New arrivals / JUICE 69

My picks for this collection : 

It's damn hard to pick because I really love everything in this collection! Thinking if I should go for another sourcing trip in 3 weeks' time! Running a fever now and it's such a bad timing :/ Gonna catch my sleep now. Will blog about my iphone photo apps next! 
Stay tuned (:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sissy's birthday!

Celebrated my sister's birthday @ home last week. She's 23 years old now, and boy how time flies. I still remember those days when we were still in kindergarten uniform singing birthday song in front of a small fruit cake in our home at Yishun. And boomz, she's now 23 and I'm 21. I was never a very expressive person cos I feel awkward being mushy but I love my sister. She was always very protective of me when I was young. Sometimes she would make me hide behind her when my mum wanted to cane me. And being an extremely lazy girl, I always left my toys on the floor after playing and she'd pack them for me. God put her and my parents in my life for a reason and I'm really thankful for them.

Anyways, I just got back from Bangkok on Sunday morning and I've been spending the entire weekend with Daniel. After 3 long weeks of confinement, he came to pick me up from the airport and I stayed over for 2 nights. It was extremely wonderful to be with him again and I guess army is making me cherish our time together more. It's another 4 days till I can see him. He's the b e s t thing that EVER happened to me, and I swear nothing can replace us as one. He's indispensable in my life already. 

I'm gonna turn in now cos I've got a shoot tomorrow! Have I mentioned that I'm going to Bali next week for a trip and KLM is flying me there on business class!!! 1 more week and I'll be gone again, but I promise I'll blog more this week (: