Monday, 13 August 2012

Maybelline x partying


x. Maybelline event with Gushcloud & Nat
x. TGIW night 


x. Linette's birthday & reunion night @ Zouk

Outfit of the night!

This was my week of partying and attending Maybelline's Lashionista event @ Zouk! Thank you Maybelline & Gushcloud for the invite (: It was a really interesting launch of their latest mascara which is not out in the market yet. There was a fashion show which featured various big blogshops like VGY, Theclosetlover etc. My favorite segment was still Michelle Chong aka Golden tan's makeup tutorial with Larry Yeo. Not that I was really into the tutorial, but I just love how comical Michelle Chong is. She's so versatile! Here's her Golden Tan's makeup tutorial if you haven't watched it.

Spent both my wed and sat night partying @ Zouk and I was pretty damn high last night. I really don't like how red and blotchy my body and face become after drinking, and I always look so horrible in pictures cos of that :/

Also, for those who don't know. TJM is running a promo for all items in the webstore! Shop now before it ends on Tuesday night!

2 more days left in Singapore, so desperate to leave this boring place. I'll try to blog about an affordable french restaurant I recently tried soon! Till then, take care!

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