Monday, 6 August 2012

Wedding day!

I'm gonna blog about my wedding day. LOL, not. 
Attended my brother-in-law's(haha he listed me as sis-in-law first on fb) wedding last saturday!

The only picture I have of my day outfit for tea and solemnization ceremony!


Took a nap after the solemnization ceremony cos I woke up at 7am!!

My hollywood boyfriend (: y u so handsome

My night outfit!! Love the dress so much. Like it that it has a high side slit and the mesh cut out details down my waist!

With the bride! So purrrdy!

My family got invited to Daniel's brother's wedding dinner too! (:

It was such a touching moment when the couple walked down the aisle. They've been together for 10 years already and they're finally tying the knot! So happy for them :') Daniel almost shed tears of joy hehe.

Obligatory toilet shot with sissy!

They changed into their second outfit which was a thai outfit! 
SUPER CUTE AND HER DRESS IS DAMN NICE!!! I want a grecian goddess wedding dress next time. Hehehe hopefully I can design my own dress or travel the globe to hunt for the perfect dress when my time comes.

They were dancing down the aisle to some thai song, so kewt :D

Daniel's domestic helper kept taking pictures with her phone like her own son was getting married hahaha

Two sides of the family (:

My pap and mum!

My family <3

Changed out into a more casual dress after the wedding and headed to Zouk!

Naaaaa here's the Elroi y'all have been asking on my formspring bahahaha

Run away now before it's too late HAHAHAH


It's been almost a decade since I attended a wedding, and I still get this tingling sensation when I witness two people walk down the aisle in sheer happiness. What a beautiful thing when two different individuals come together to tie the knot in holy matrimony. Blessed are those who love a lifetime.

Great week earthlings!

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