Saturday, 30 March 2013


Almost 30 of us flew over to BKK last week to celebrate Sof's birthday!
This got to be the craziest longest trip in Bangkok ever. Partied till we dropped EVERY night, ate so so so much and most of all, 
It was also a good trip to take my mind off things!

#DAY 1
Most of them flew over on Thursday morning then I joined them at night!

Hahahah I brought 4 pairs of shoes to BKK wth??!!! Usually I only go there with a pair of flats, but for Sofie's birthday - heels, loafers, slippers, chucks. Damn heavy omg.

Woohoo off to BKK to meet the crew~~~
Dinner at Mellow @ Thonglor, owned by Sofie's friend! The food's really good!!

Errol x Lindsay x Lincey

Hannah and Ju!

Went to Safehouse for a bit and crashed!

#DAY 2

Breakfast at Roast @ Thonglor!!! One of my favorite brunch spots whenever I go BKK alone. Can just sit there for an hour to eat, sip my latte and read a book.

QT couple <3

Super yumz pancakes!

My favorite mushroom risotto!

The rest went back to nap, and Errol was still drunk when he woke up for brekkie hahaha. It went on for the whole trip actually, him being drunk still after waking up in the am. 

I went to buy stocks for TJM (: 

Dinner at Bad Motel at night!

Sof got the whole VIP room in the restaurant
 We all headed to Demo after dinner for round 2 partying!

♡ Part of mlp clan ♡ 


Hehehe Sof looks so happy behind!

Joe Lor!

Tien and Errol!

 I got pretty smashed that night and I thought the night ended when I reached my hotel room at 4ish am. Wiped off my make up, bathed, blew my hair and ready to sleep then suddenly the group chat kept buzzing - "after party after party after party at room 215"

So boom!!! In my most chachat form, the after party started

#DAY 3

Woke up at 12nn the next day to bring some of them to try my favorite $2.50 pork rice/wanton mee at petchburi soi 19 then headed to Siam paragon with Hannah to extend our lashes! 

Sofie's birthday dinner at night~~~

We rented a mini bus for the whole night and surprisingly it could fit all 20+ of us!

Dinner at Moose! Love the thai food there (:

My favorite couple ♡


Her qt customized hello kitty DJ cake!

Then it was her main party at Route 66! 

Hahahah I was a bit high plus I was trying to lighten my lipstick so I started kissing the mirror in the toilet's vanity room hehe

Don't talk about my bra uh, later some of you kp on my formspring say don't match all again. I was overseas and I couldn't find my plain black strapless bra back in Singapore to bring over!


Donz and a choking Trey!

Judith number 2!!


We were all pretty damn gone when we took this picture~


Drove off halfway, suddenly Sofie got off to buy 30 chicken wings while her drunk brother got some random thai strangers to drink from our bottle. He even carried a little boy into the bus hahaha

Jammed for an hour at 4am?!!!!! Which place jams in the middle of the night!!! Headed back and crashed!

#Day 4

Went for lunch at a thai restaurant in Siam Paragon with half of them while the rest went to do their own things.

Over ordered as usual!

And bought a new phone cover from Wonder Anatomie! Not very cheap but super love it, and their local designers are just so good. Love going to Siam center!

Then we went to the supermarket to do groceries shopping cos #chefrol was cooking dinner for us!!

Headed to scratchdog! Last night before almost everyone left! 

This Trey went to label our drinks so we won't anyhow take people's cups hahah.

I only had 17 hours of sleep throughout the first 5 days cos we partied every night, then have after party in the hotel room, and woke up pretty early for lunch everyday. I died, really. Fell sick there but still didn't wanna miss out on the fun hahaha.

#DAY 5

So most of them left on the 5th day, while I stayed on with some of them. Went over to crash with Donna for the next 2 days!

Dinner at my fav jap restaurant in BKK! Isao!

Had an early night to recuperate!

#DAY 6

Went to shop and didn't do anything much so no pictures!

#DAY 7

Donna went back to Singapore in the morning :( Went for lunch at Greyhound! Yumz dessert!

Banofee! LOVE IT! Bring in to Singapore please please please~~~

Someone buy me all the pillows and portraits please!!! :(


So the hotel that I was staying in is DAMN ulu and there was hardly any cab around. So by the time I got the cab I was only left with 40 minutes to reach the airport before the check-in counter closes. The jam was really really horrible so I took more than 40 mins :( Reached there 5 mins after the check-in counter closed and I couldn't check in for my flight. I wanted to just cry on the spot ok, like tears were welling up my eyes. Fine my fault that I was late, but I was just 5 minutes late and for most airlines they are willing to close one eye and do the check in. THIS ONE? None of the Scoot crew was there, and the airport staff REFUSED to help me ok. I was already begging him like crazy but he just wanted me to get a new SIA air ticket which would cost me $550?!!!! HE JUST WANTED ME TO FEED HIS BLOODY ECONOMY THAT'S WHY HE REFUSED TO HELP ME CONTACT SCOOT STAFF. All he had to do was pick up the phone and call them. That was all I needed but no, that bugger just didn't wanna help. So we argued for so long and when I finally managed to contact Scoot through the other info counter, they didn't wanna let me check in anymore. Worse still, another woman who missed her flight told me she reached on time but the Scoot crew was all gone already. Like they closed the check-in counter earlier than they should. HOW IS THIS FAIR OMG???? Scoot I'm SUPER disappointed in you and that stupid thai airport staff ok. 

Thank God Donna's friend lives in BKK so I had somewhere to stay for that night. Managed to find a flight back the next morning and I booked it immediately sigh $$$$

Meet Phay Phay (means adventure in thai)! Named him that cos it was hell of an adventurous trip! Got him at BKK airport before coming back. Such a sucker for soft toys. So cute ♡

Stopover at KL airport for 2 hours!

Completely couldn't be bothered to put any make up or do my hair already.


Strap on Phay phay! Don't smoke k, bad for your cute health.


Really enjoyed the trip a lot despite some hiccups here and there! Most of us went there in separate groups but now we are all like one big family. We are all still talking a lot on the group chat and we even went for our "after party" last night in Lounge!

Hope y'all enjoyed this BKK post (: 
Live young and free!