Thursday, 28 March 2013


Remember I went for a session at Tokyo Bust Express awhile ago and realized I had been wearing the wrong bra so since then, I've been searching for a bra which had sufficient support! Hence, was really kind to send me two bras with good support and threw in super comfy panties too!

So this was the bra I picked which has such lovely intricate love details and ribbons. WHICH GIRL DOESN'T LIKE LACE BRAS? It is slightly padded so it has a push up effect. That's perfect for someone who's not very well-endowed like me!

It also comes in a dainty shade of grey!

It also has detachable strap so you can detach it when you're wearing a tube or spaghetti top!

I've been wearing strapless bra since forever and I loved it. I wear it even when I'm wearing a t-shirt which is unnecessary but never did I know that it would result in me having "scallops" which refer to the fats in between your underarm and breasts. Also, my bra strap across my chest is not thick enough. Thus, I've picked this bra which solves all the problem!

Firstly, it's triple hook so it's good for holding the bra in place even when it's strapless.

It is also thick enough to hold my breasts and not cause "scallops". Lastly, it is slightly padded for a push up effect! Isn't this just everything you need in a bra??? And I love how the mesh completes the look of the bra, so sweet and girly!

Don't worry about it being too tight or uncomfortable, IT'S NOT!!!!
The straps are adjustable so you can adjust to your comfort (:

I'm also a fan of seamless panties cos it can be worn with body-hugging dresses. However, it often cause wedgy and get looser after a few washes. So when I received my panties from, I was really impressed cos not only does it not get looser after every wash, it's still extremely stretchable!

My favorite part has to be the cotton part sewn onto the panties which makes it a lot more hygienic! It's really really comfortable, and it's so smart of them to sew a base on.

If you're looking for affordable and comfortable lingerie that would meet your needs, then you really got to give a try! Most bras are priced under $30, and some even at $15 only! And the panties are below $10 (:
They have a wide range of shaper bras which help to shape/life/support your busts!


Hurry, shop now!

Will be blogging about BKK soon (:



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