Friday, 25 April 2014

Michael Kors watch {OOTDOOTDOTHERS}

It's 3:38 am now and I'm wide awake thanks to the afternoon nap I took and my two cups of strawberry tea. Not complaining cos I can finally blog and most importantly, introduce you girls to an awesome instagram shop that sells branded watches!

For those who can't wait, their instagram handle is @OOTDOOTDOTHERS !!! *whip out your iphone now!*
Read on, you won't regret!

I picked this GORGEOUS, VERSATILE AND BLING BLING silver Michael Kors Blair watch! Till this date, I'm still loving every bit of it. From the color to the heavy big face, chronograph, matte chain and lil rose gold crystals! It's everything I like in a watch!

I'm a girl who loves watches and it's very important for my guy to wear a watch. My ex-boyfriend loved watches (and his dad owns a ton of SUPER NICE AND EXQUISITE watches) and I think I picked up my love for watches from him. Lucky me, Daniel loves watches too and he hardly leaves the house without his watch. Same goes for me! I wear a watch EVERYWHERE I go. Hopefully I'll be rich next time so I can buy all my favorite watch brands like Patek Phillipe, Franck Muller etc etc.

But for now, mid range brands like Michael Kors and MBMJ will suffice for me! *I like Massimo Dutti watches too hehe* 

I'm not lying when I say I wear my new MK watch almost everyday! It matches with everything I wear!
The owner of @OOTDOOTDOTHERS is very easy to work with and order time + delivery time is very short! It came in original MK box plus manual book which is perfect and professional. 

For those who are concerned with the authenticity, I had my watch authenticity checked at Michael Kors store located at Scotts Square, and it's 100% authentic! I even got my chain shortened there for free!

Besides Michael Kors, @OOTDOOTDOTHERS carries other watch brands like MBMJ and Nixon!

Here are the other watches which I'm eyeing on! Which one should I get next? ^^

Why get from @OOTDOOTDOTHERS you may ask????

I've checked the prices on @OOTDOOTDOTHERS against Michael Kors US website, and it's cheaper! My watch on MK website itself is about SGD$370 after conversion before shipping. It's probably additional $50-$100 for shipping? The retail store itself in Singapore is definitely more than SGD$370 but it's only SGD$329 on @ootdootdothers!

The far right tortoise shell MK watch in the above picture (but in gold color) is about SGD$280 after conversion on the MK website before shipping charges (which means more than $300 in Singapore retail store), and it's only SGD$239 on @ootdootdothers.

Very worth it right?
Items take only approx 5-10 days to arrive and they shop worldwide!

Good job for reading all the way here and like I said you won't regret it cos....

Promo code is valid till end of April so hurry now!

Do check them out for watches if you're looking for one! 
You can search them on instagram, @OOTDOOTDOTHERS or email them at!

Please tag me in your pictures on instagram if you're posting pictures of your watches from them! I wanna see :D For the laggards, my ig handle is @sophiachong!

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Today I'm gonna share with you my cult sunscreen, KOSÉ sunscreen and their super lightweight BB cream I'm currently using and can't get enough!

I never had the habit of using BB cream cos I've tried a few other brands in the past and they gave me lots of problem like making my skin look oily and clogged pores. Sometimes, my face looks overly white and becomes very oily after a few hours so I gave up using.

When KOSÉ sent me their BB cream, I was a bit apprehensive. I thought it was gonna be another "too-oily" and clogging BB cream BUT it's not at all! On the contrary, it's very lightweight and comfortable on the skin. I was really amazed with the result and I'm still using it now when I have shoots/events to achieve the "perfect-looking skin". What I like most besides the water-based texture, is that it evens out my skin tone aka my redness. I have sensitive skin so my face tends to be a bit reddish, hence the BB cream is perfect for solving that skin woe! On top of that, it hides my yellow undertone!

You can't really see the redness here cos it was my lucky day hahaha. That's my face (on the left) after moisturizer, before any face make up! Photo on the right is after applying SEKKISEI BB cream! Look at how even, bright and smooth my complexion looks after BB cream application! I think the biggest difference is that my yellow undertone is GONE!

It also has 6-in-1 benefits (EmulsionSerum, Cream, Sunscreen, Make up base, Foundation) so can you complete your morning routine in just 80 seconds. I skip my sun protect essence gel when I use my BB cream.

I even brought it to Bangkok with me in March!

Other than their BB cream, I've also been using their sunscreen religiously!
It has high UV blocking power with SPF50+/PA++++ and it guards against photoaging signs like fine lines and blemishes. Also, it has whitening and hydrating benefits!

On normal days, I use Sun Protect Essence Gel every morning after my skincare routine. And on days I do vigorous stuff, I'd use the essence milk instead! Personally I prefer the gel one cos it's not sticky/oily at all and it's great for my skin type!

A BIG thank you to Kose for sending me these great products! :D

Want to try their products?
Simply quote my name and present a screenshot of this blog post at any KOSÉ Robinsons or Isetan counter to get extra 2pcs skincare sample with purchase of any KOSÉ SEKKISEI regular-sized product!

KOSÉ counters can be found in Robinsons (JEM, Orchard, Raffles City) and Isetan (Scotts, Serangoon, Jurong East, Katong, Tampines).

In celebration of 30 year anniversary of award-winning SEKKISEI brand, KOSÉ is looking for your favorite KOSÉ SEKKISEI CINDERELLA! Winner aka Cinderella will get to win $6000 CASH and a trip to Japan!


Public get to vote for finalists starting from 1st June, and winners will be announced in July'14!

Heheh go join k! Voters get to purchase a 100ml SEKKISEI lotion at $25, instead of the usual $41. Do ‘Like’ KOSÉ on FB & IG as well!

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Friday, 11 April 2014


I'm not even gonna do an intro or some shiz....


I've been waiting for this day to come ever since I read Xiaxue's post on Invisalign (a clear technology similar to braces). I don't know why I've never bothered to put on braces when I was young, maybe I just didn't care as much about my looks or didn't think teeth would play such a big difference. As I grew older, I realized how important it is to have a nice set of teeth. There are so many factors which make me want to have nice teeth actually : 

- For TJM photos so I can smile more and portray a "happier" image for the photos
- My own self-confidence sake. I don't smile much when I first meet people, and that's the reason why. 
- For future job/interviews/collaboration or what not. A nice smile is SOOOO important.

So as I grew older, I really wanted to do something about it BUT I don't want to put braces at this age. I'm already 23 years old, somewhat mid way into shaping my career. And I'm also a blogger who needs to attend events, fashion shows that will require meeting lots of important people and taking lots of photos. So I don't want to be seen with braces at all. 

Then why didn't I do Invisalign earlier?

Because it's not cheap! I've casually asked around and the average price out there is $10K!!! Sometimes it can even go up to $12K. It's a lot of money compared to braces which is around $3K-$4K. I definitely won't want nor allow my parents to pay $10K for me, but it's crazy for me to fork out such money on my own also. So my initial plan was to do it when I'm around 28/30 years old when $10K means lesser.

God works in wonderful and unexpected ways! *Thank you for not letting me wait till I'm 28 heheh*
God really answers my prayers almost all the time. And other times he didn't, it's cos he has greater plans for me! Ever since Doctor Lim (my aesthetic doctor from Trinity Medical) told me he could help me ask around his dentist friends for sponsorship for me, I've been praying for it to succeed. But, I told Daniel that if I still don't get it, I would be very contented and grateful that Dr Lim went out of his way to help me on this. And at most, I'll just wait till I'm older. But I guess God knows deep down how badly I want this (:

Here's a picture of me having my teeth checked!

And here's my first snapshot of the "chair" I'll be on for the next 2 years!
TOOFDOCTOR will be my official dental clinic for Invisalign from now on and I can't wait.

For the next few sessions, I'll be getting my teeth polished, extracting my wisdom tooth and creating the mould for my invisalign so I'll share more about Invisalign itself and the process with you girls soon! I'll make the posts as personal and as informative as possible so it won't bore you girls and can help those who are interested in invisalign/braces!

This great man accompanied me to the dentist cos I was a wee bit nervous and he also took care of me for 2 days straight when I was terribly sick (: THANK YOU SUSU!

And here are just some visuals of yesterday. Nothing much hehe. 

Hope you girls are enjoying the Singapore "sakura" period! 

Be back soon!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Outfit to school yesterday!


Boyfriend shirt, checkered pants and gem necklace from

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