Monday, 28 October 2013


Gonna be blogging about my first outdoor shoot for TJM in a long long while! I usually do studio shoots cos I can't stand the heat but decided to give it a try since Donna wasn't in Singapore that week. And we did it at Bt Timah railway track @ 9am.........! 

Some behind the scenes shots!

Hahah I just get weird after awhile.

And here are the proper photos if you haven't seen it!

Thank you Daniel for being such a good photographer considering he's an amateur! I really like this collection, especially the forest green romper, tribal bralets (which can match in so many ways!), the red leather skirt, black knitted floral top and the white chillax pants!!! Did I just mention almost everything? 



Friday, 25 October 2013

4 years anniversary!

 Last week was my 4 years anniversary with Daniel. It was the day he confessed to me, not the day we got together but it's still very significant to us nonetheless. Couldn't do much cos I was busy preparing for exam so he brought me out for a picnic at a super serene and picturesque place!

See the little white "building" in the middle? We set up our picnic spot beneath the tree next to it. By the way, this was at lower pierce reservoir...i think.

Outfit by @thejuicemarket ! Will be launching it soon!

Gorgeous sandals sponsored by !
The pair of pink sandals I wore in Boracay was also from them! Both pairs are of very decent quality, and also very very affordable. This pair of white flower sandals matches almost everything I wear, and it costs only $19.90!

Thank you for preparing everything and for buying all the food I like! It was a really nice day since we hardly have time to just chill around. Let's do this again soon k!

Hehe and some camwhore pictures this morning before heading out to study.

Been SUPER busy studying for my exam! Can't wait for it to end on 9th November!!! Please pardon me for the hiatus and promise I'll be back with Boracay part 3 soon!


New collection this Sunday! Preview will be up on TJM facebook page on Sat (16/10)!


Friday, 18 October 2013

15mins soba noodles @ home!

I'll be sharing my "soba set meal" which can be prepared within 15 mins with the right ingredients at home! I learnt it from my mum when I was younger (not off an online recipe) but it's still very similar to what you get outside.

Ingredients needed :

- 1 inch diameter of buckwheat/soba noodles
- A small bowl of Soba sauce
- Dried seaweed (amount to your preference)
- 1 Egg
- Just a few drops of sesame seed
- Edamame (amount to your preference)

*For one serving

Instructions : 
1. Start by boiling the egg and soba noodles in a pot of boiling water for about 10-15 mins
2. Boil the edamame in a separate pot for 5-7 mins. Afterwards, drain the water out and add some salt to your bowl of edamame.
3. Drain the cooked soba noodles and place the noodles in a bowl with ice. Remove the ice/water when the noodle is cold.
4. Shell the egg and cut into half
5. Prepare the soba sauce.
- Pour about half a cup of soba sauce into a small bowl, add a few drops of sesame seeds and seaweed into it.
6. Garnish the noodles with some seaweed.


You can switch brands if you want but the above are my preferred ones.

Edamame from Fairprice
Soba sauce from Cold Storage
Sesame seed, bag of seaweed and buckwheat noodles SHOULD be from Isetan (mum got it so idk but she usually gets her jap stuff from isetan)


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Friends and trust.

Tonight is just one of those nights a million thoughts are running through my head mercilessly. I always tell myself as much as possible that everyone is good-hearted by nature and no one is born evil. Somewhere deep within someone we hate ultimately has a good heart, and that we should always give people the benefit of the doubt/second chance. It's not that I don't judge or get angry but I'd forgive someone readily as long as he or she seems sincere to me. I try not to hate or box someone up based on hearsay or rumours until I experience their deviousness myself because sometimes, words get twisted along the way don't they? I've always kept silent about misgivings. I really just want to believe in the essence of goodness in everyone. That's how I've always thought and believed, but I think it's time to stop it because I've been disappointed too many times. Friends who choose not to be upfront about problems but go behind your back to twist stories instead of getting first-hand facts/explanations from you, friends who pretend to be your good friends verbally but execute no action and simply complain you're drifting away from them, people who seem to have a thousand masks and you really don't know which one is the real them, people who get close to you only because you benefit them in some way or another, people who try to live life too much and forget the true meaning of life, people who are too caught up with wealth and fame and are blinded to see the more important things in life, friendships you thought were rooted firmly yet falter at the most insignificant temptation.

I think it's enough reasons for me to quit my naivety and learn to accept and deal with the real way of life. Perhaps it's true that we should give people benefit of the doubt, but it is also true that you don't give out your trust when they haven't done anything to earn it. And it's even more true that your graciousness to them sometimes could be a one way track and get exploited. Who's the one who gets hurt in the end? It's you. Unfortunately, humans are not as simple and selfless as we wished for them to be. People whom you thought you could rely on sometimes are people who would bite you on your back.

"Don't mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness."

It's not that I'm unaware, but because I had chosen to look past it. Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time. And from now, I don't wanna spare those bullets anymore. Goodnight.

Monday, 14 October 2013


3rd day was a chill day for us cos I booked a........7 hours spa session for us beforehand! Longest spa session of my life hahah.
Rose and shone for breakfast in bed with my susulan.

Started my day with Jonah's milkshake again! And decided to rewear OSF's floral cut in dress to hit the beach since I only wore it out for a quick dinner the night before!

DANIEL IN THE MINION T-SHIRT I BOUGHT!!!!! :D hahah so happy that he wore it out ok! I thought he was just gonna wear it to sleep. Thanks for being gay for me ^^

So we went to the white beach again to enjoy the morning sun and to shoot...JUICESEA 6!!! Yessss, you didn't hear wrong! Juicesea 6 design is out and I'll be launching it in November. Super glad I could do the shoot in Boracay. Thank you Daniel for helping me shoot and for being super duper patient. 
*flying kisses for you*

I always like to do dangerous/thrilling stuff, and all the more I won't mind doing it for JUICESEA if the pictures are gonna be nicer. So this time I suggested that I shoot on the sharp-edged rock under strong current. The currents in Boracay were really strong during the period we went so it's not advisable to swim out far or go near the rocks cos the currents might push you to the rocks and you'll end up injuring yourself. BUT COURAGE, SOPHIA, COURAGE!!!

Daniel was damn worried for my safety and was also damn scared he would drop my camera into the sea but I told him, just do it. Just put away all worries and shoot. Hahah I was secretly very worried he would lose his balance due to the current and drop my 2 weeks' old camera but I know I had to show him I trusted him so he would be more confident. My ass was also very painful from lying against the rock cos it was damn pokey. Had a very hard time trying to stand firmly against the current and pose relaxingly also hahah. Glad the photos turned out great (:

A few people also walked towards our "mini rock shoot" and started taking pictures of us with their own camera. Lol they must be thinking, these two crazy people don't want to live anymore. #anythingforjuicesea

Walked past this guy who got buried till his neck. He looked like an alien haha.
Went back to our hotel to wash up and headed to Bella Isa Spa at Boat Station 3 for our spa session!

Greeted by this cute sign outside Bella Isa!

We took up the King and Queen spa package which consists of body scrub, body massage, facial, hair spa, foot massage, pedicure and the most special parts of the spa package were sunset sailing and candlelight dinner. I read a lot of good reviews prior to the trip and thought it would be a really pleasant and unique experience to watch the sunset on a paraw-sail boat with Daniel and complete the night with a complimentary candlelight dinner so I took it without much hesitation.
For those who are interested, it's about SGD$400 per couple. 

I was amazed when they offered photography services during the spa and that the photos would be sent to my email within a week (:

After we were done pampering ourselves with all the massages and what not, they led us out to the beach for sunset sailing!

Too bad we couldn't bring the camera up on the sail boat but it was such a beautiful experience. It's one of the most memorable experiences of the trip and I love paraw-sailing to bits! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to catch the sunset but it was still a wonderful ride. It felt great to be out in the vast ocean without sitting inside a boat but instead just on a netting attached to the boat.

Went back thereafter to wash up for our dinner provided by Blue Mango Restaurant!

Our little corner on the beach.

Sorry I was too hungry to take nice food pictures heh.

Overall it was a pampering experience. However, Daniel and I expected something more honeymoon-ish but this spa package was more focused on pampering us so we don't really agree that the $400 was very well worth it :/ 
Before I end this post, I just wanna say..

Happy 4 years anniversary to us. It was this day(tomorrow) 4 years ago that you told me how you felt about me, about us. Thank you for the letting me into your life cos it's truly a life-changing moment for me. I've already told you how I feel about you and us now, so I won't be long-winded here but I want you to know I'm extremely thankful and happy for you and for the changes you made to make this relationship work better. This love is magic cos even after 4 years, I still fall in love with you over and over again.