Monday, 31 March 2014


Earlier this month, I flew to Bangkok for Sofie's birthday. The title says round #2 because we did the same thing last year. 30 of us flew to BKK to celebrate queen Sofie's birthday hahah.

Here's a recap : 

The first trip was nothing short of amazing!!! Many of them couldn't make it this trip due to exam and work but we still had fun nonetheless, though I prefer our 1st trip more.

We went for 5 days this time and because of some reasons, I had to book 3 different hotels (for a 5 day trip urgh). You can imagine how sian Mich and I were to keep checking in and out of hotels but TQ for not complaining at all <3

Took an afternoon flight there and checked into our first hotel, Novotel Bangkok Platinum! Very cosy, spacious and clean but expensive also.

Toilet picture taken off Google*

The toilet is pretty cool cos of the clear glass and there's a partition sectioning the toilet bowl from the bath area. See the door inside? It can get a little awkward if you're going with family or friends but thank God for the blinds! It'll be really romantic if you're going with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

Washed up + dolled up and headed out to meet the rest for dinner! 

Decided not to dress up too much since it was only our first night and we were meeting for just dinner.

Our signature drink, Sake Jelly @ Mellow!

ps. my camera takes pretty sick pictures uh? hahahaha. it looks so magazine-ish!!!

Woke up the next day to check in to our 2nd hotel, Grand Diamond hotel. No pictures cos Grand Diamond is quite meh. Very rundown. The only good part is that it's really spacious, relatively cheap(even then, it depends) and it's situated in a good location.
After checking in, we went to eat the famous Pratunam wanton mee + pork rice!

I eat it almost every time I'm in BKK, even more than the amount of times I eat wanton mee in Singapore haha.

Lunch with the gurls~~~


Mich really asked me this same question EVERYDAY.
"Are we going shopping today? Can we shop? I really wanna shop. I feel like I haven't bought enough"

I'm not kidding when I say everyday! Even on her last day, we made an impromptu trip to Union mall for an hour so she can shop some more hahaha. Honestly before the trip, I was scared she won't like the clothes there cos she's always wearing brands like Zara or those high-street/branded labels. But nope, a shopaholic will always like shopping no matter what and where hahahah. Happy she bought so much also!

No pictures during shopping!

Went back to the hotel to wash up and doll up to party!

Good hair day!

Partied at Route 66!
There are a couple of good clubs in Bangkok and the ones we frequent are Route 66 and Demo. Been to Nunglen once and it was not bad.


Next morning mirror selfie before heading out for hotel breakfast! 

After our breakfast, Mich and I checked out and moved to our final hotel which is Nantra Spa and Retreat.
We booked it via this app called HOTELQUICKLY.

As you can tell, the name itself suggests that the booking process was SUPER QUICK, EFFICIENT AND HASSLE-FREE. By hassle-free, I really mean zero hassle! There are over 700 hotels in Bangkok and sometimes it can be quite a bitch to go through ALL 700 hotels just for a 3 day trip. First, you gotta check the price then find a suitable location, then read the reviews etc etc. This would easily take more than an hour! And after that you still got to key in all the necessary details to make payment. Jeez, sometimes it's so tiring.

But thank God, HotelQuickly does all that for you. It filters out the better hotels ranging from 3* to 5* hotels and all you have to do is just pick any of these good hotels and book. Like this!

The rates are also lower than what you can find elsewhere. Example, Nantra Spa and Retreat is typically around $70 a night after tax but I got it for $54 only! And the screenshot above which I took yesterday, it's only $28 before tax! WHAT????!!!! That's about half the price of the usual rate.

The booking process was unbelievably fast and easy. Even when I finished booking my hotel, I was like, "Huh it's booked??? Mich are you sure!!!"

And no need to print out any hotel voucher, just present this on your phone (you will get here once you're done booking the hotel) to the receptionist! 

Best part is that it remembers your credit card details etc so you don't need to key in anything for your next booking! They have hotels across many countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand! It's also great for last minute travelers like me who love doing impromptu trips!
This app is here to stay (:

HOTELQUICKLY is very generous to extend a discount code to my readers so use it for your upcoming trips or staycations in Singapore!

You can download this app from your appstore!

And just to share with y'all the hotel I stayed in, here are some pictures I took off Google.
*I just wanna lounge and laze around when I reach my hotel then when I realize I need to take pictures, the room already looks like a scene from WWII. Hhahaha

Hotel entrance!

Exclusive room which we got! Very spacious.

And lucky Joey got the Exclusive spa room which was huge and had a sauna IN his room!

Location is good, near to a lot of cafes and restaurants, and rooms are big! Only thing they need to work on is their service cos the staff are really rude. 

So back to my day hehe. 
Mich and I wanted some solid thai food and we tried our luck with this authentic-looking Thai restaurant which was located at the road across our hotel. 

Food was pretty good and prices were reasonable! Only thing I didn't get the name cos it was in thai :/

Spotted a PINK HUMMER!!!!

Nobu for dinner!

Orgasmic gyozas!

Hit a bar with the rest of them for awhile then headed back to our hotel to sleep! And woke up the next morning for...ROAST! One of my favorite cafes in BKK!

This truffle pasta is sooooooo good nomzzzz I miss it already!

Brought Mich to Union mall to shop more after brunch!

Went to hunt for Sofie's birthday cake and this was the best I could get since it was damn last minute BUT STILL VERY CUTE HEHE! Errol looked happier than Sofie though, when he saw the kitkats hahaha

Happy birthday Sofie <3 love you!!!

And then we headed to Demo to...PARTAYYYYYE!

Love this woman so much! Can't wait for our next upcoming trip already :D

That was all the photos I took! Hate whipping out my camera when I'm partying hehe. I just wna let my hair down and have fun!

Most of them left in the morning on the last day and my flight was at night so I decided to spend the day wandering alone! One of my favorite things to do in BKK!

Let me end the post abruptly with the cutest picture!!!

Heheh also got myself a little ring from the airport! :D for the hard work I put into TJM this month!

I'm gonna start studying for my exams so I probably won't have time to blog much! I'll try to post up something here and there k! <3 TATA

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