Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I've recently bought a new camera together with Vera and Ange! Yup we all got the SAME camera except in different color. So I decided to do test shots on my baby OREO! Soooo cute, love him to death!

Daniel and I also had a staycation recently to celebrate post-valentine's day! Some of you may know, my dad was hospitalized during Vday week so I wasn't in a celebratory mood then so Daniel and I put off major vday plans and celebrated it 2 weeks after! We booked Studio M for a night last Sunday! And yesssss, so timely for me to properly try out my new camera!

I was in a rush and didn't realize my brows were so unevenly drawn!!! Hahahah WHAT THE HELL. I only noticed it when I was editing pictures. *claps*

My man doing the check-in (:

Hotel pool from the hotel corridor. Pretty cool albeit the size!

And here's our premier loft!

Can't believe we took SO long to check out Studio M! It's super cosy and nice, we both love it so much. Not to mention it's damn affordable too!!! I love how the living/work area is separated from the bed by the stairs, how the window is full length allowing the sunlight to hit in nicely. Definitely coming back here again in future (:

Went to Toby's estate for brunch after checking in. Heard a lot about this coffee joint and been meaning to check it out.

Love my outfit that day. Simple, chic and classy!
Boyfriend jeans, cropped top and purple aviators will be up on TJM soon.

Love of my life (:

Selfie time hahaha

We both tried the signature Toby's breakfast and it was pretty good. Scrambled egg was a bit bland tho!
What's worth a mention is their coffee actually. 
I tried their chai latte and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to be back again to try other coffees. 

After brunch, we headed back to our room to spend quality time together (: something that's pretty rare cos of our busy schedule.

Really love this lace chiffon tartan top that's super versatile! You can wear it on its own for a more sensual look or rock it with a leather/denim jacket! Gonna be up on TJM soon as well (:

Landscape printed swimwear which I got from Cotton On! Can't believe they had such nice bikinis!

Lololol mirror selfie by monstrous Daniel.

Slipped on my boyfriend jeans, bunned up my hair and changed the look entirely!

Took a slow walk to Riverview Hotel for Jap buffet. Daniel and I love taking walks together cos we get to talk non-stop and share about everything in our lives. No doubt I always get lazy and cab but usually that's when I'm alone! If I'm with Daniel and we're not in a rush/it's walking distance, we would both typically prefer to walk. 

We had dinner at Irodori restaurant! Japanese buffet for approx $43 per pax. Very worth it and the food is not bad!
Anyone know of nice japanese buffet that's below $60? Hook me up please heh.

This staycation was beyond wonderful though it was so short. Just within 2 days, Daniel reminded me of the love we have for each other and very importantly the love he has for me. He waited up from 11pm till 3am while I was trying to finish up my school assignment (during the staycation mind you), then offered to help me with it so I could get some sleep, and then continued waiting for another hour the next morning while I edit the loose ends. The night before he made it a point to put me to sleep first even though he was exhausted himself (and he does this all the time). We checked out and I had a meeting to attend after that, and he just sat at the lobby of the office tower and waited for me for another hour and kept himself occupied with 9gag without complaining. And cos I was down with a bad flu, he rushed me back to his house afterwards and fed me with meds, food, and water then put me to sleep and sent me home when I woke up.
When I reached home, all I saw on my bedside table was tons of different types of medicines he collectively got for me the past few months. Stomach ache meds, flu meds etc etc, cos I'm prone to falling sick and he just wants me to be equipped with meds when any sickness befalls me. And right beside the stash of meds, there sitting a hand-written apology letter from him for something we kinda argued about before the staycation. I'm lying if I say I don't love him more after this weekend. I do, I love him more and I'm so thankful for this angel in my life in spite of the occasional disagreements we have.

And for the few of you who commented on my askfm regarding Daniel on T*, thank you for being concerned for me. However, it was a misunderstanding and it's not what it seemed like. We have got it sorted out and things are fine now. Nonetheless, thanks for your concern (: I still read through my askfm once in awhile tho I've stopped replying.


Lastly, I mentioned on my IG that I'll be selling my Samsung camera on my blog. However, some of y'all already emailed me before I could do that so I'm in the midst of selling it now. Will put up the selling post if the deal falls!

Thank you so much girls, for reading this space, for being so supportive, and just really being there.
Appreciate it <3

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  1. Hi,where is the checkered midi skirt that u wore for vday from? or is tjm going to manufacture it? :)