Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Purple highlights by Salon Vim!

I've had brown hair for the longest time *yawns*, and I was really sick of it. I'm not at all adventurous with my hair hence I don't go blonde/pink. It's just....DARK BROWN ALWAYS. But I feel like I need something fun this SS'14 so I decided to do this....

Super happy I turned "rogue" and got purple streaks hahahah :D Was a bit apprehensive about it at first but NOPE, I'M LOVING IT NOW HEH.

Happy me in Salon Vim after sitting there for 5 hours!!

So here's what I did at Salon Vim

1. Colored my whole head warm brown
2. Bleached the streaks to get purple highlights
3. Did Armino Privy Treatment (favorite, and it's a miracle treatment!!!)
4. Trimmed my hair

Really glad I did the treatment cos my hair was extremely damaged and dry for the past 3 months. My split ends were crazy. But now after the treatment, my hair is a lot more manageable!
My buttock was hurting from sitting for so long but thankfully Corde and Gary kept talking to me so at least I wasn't bored (:

Bagged home some home-care products for my tress! Been using the Kerastase shampoo for the longest time and it's a w e s o m e~~~
And thank you for giving me a travel-sized bottle of serum in PINK! <3 I can't live without hair serum.

Here are more pictures of my new hair!


It looks darker and more blueish purple with low light!

And under direct sunlight, it's more reddish purple!

Really love my hair now I can't stop staring at it whenever I get a chance to. And perfect for my short trip tomorrow! (:

On a side note, my sweetest Susu accompanied me to Ikea last night to buy some stuff for my room! 

Lavender bustier from TJM!

My forever yawning boyfriend -.-

Will show y'all what I added to my room when I'm done packing and setting up ok? (:
I'll be going on a 5 day trip tomorrow so pardon me if I reply TJM emails a bit slower k. Will update on my IG with nice nice pictures (@sophiachong)

Meanwhile, go get your spring summer hair done at Salon Vim or pamper yourself with a good hair treatment! My hair stylist is Fiona, and she's great!!!!
My readers get 10% off when you quote my name!

Call them at 68847757 to make appointment (:

Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong


  1. Hi Sophia, I missed the aviators from your previous launch. Able to bring them in to TJM again? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi, sorry won't be able to bring it in already!