Friday, 7 March 2014


I've always liked to be versatile with my dressing. I don't wanna be the girl with just one type of dressing. I wanna be playful, edgy, chic, sophisticated, fun etc for different occasions. And the blogshop that I'm sharing with you today allows me to be versatile.

Ninth Store recently sent me 2 lovely items which I already wore on the very next day! Who doesn't know I'm not over the tartan/plaid fever yet???

I knew I had to get my hands on this blue-ish grey plaid cropped top when I saw it. It's great for casual HOT days(like what Singapore is now). I love being casual most of the time when I don't have to attend events or go for photoshoots. I just feel so comfortable! And this piece allows you to be....fashionably casual heh. It can look preppy with the right styling as well.

Ninth Store will be launching this plaid top later in March so be sure to join their mailing list to get updates!

The other item I picked is this white off-shoulder pleated top which matches with EVERYTHING in this world.

And I've chosen to pair it with an organza black midi flare skirt launching on TJM tomorrow and a black hat to give it a Great Gatsby look. If you know me well enough, you'd know I love the old classics. I really wish I live in those era where furs, can can dresses, big feather/mesh hats were normal. Thank you Ninth Store for letting me play dress up for a day!

Well of course if you're not a dreamer like me, you can match it other ways and look brilliant as well!

Be sure to catch this top in their upcoming collection tomorrow at 12pm!

And here's a snippet of what they have in store for you this March!

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  1. Hi Sophia

    Where did you get your denim supreme cap from?
    Love it!

  2. Hi, it's from Select Store at Sultan Gate!