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If you've been following me for quite awhile, you should know by now I'm such a lipstick girl. I own over 30 lipsticks and trust me, the stash will keep growing. Lipsticks are just such statement cosmetics. It create a dash of color and add personality to your whole look. And I feel like I look so boring and pale without lipsticks tsk tsk.

And my favorite lipstick color? PINK OF COURSE! I don't think I pull off red well, and pink lips just look the best on me. Pink in ANY shade, which is why most of my lipsticks are in pink haha.

This boils down to the purpose of this post, which is to introduce to you 10 of my favorite or most frequently worn lipsticks! I'll also show you how I wear them. I'll try to give you the price range but I can't promise they are accurate to the cents cos I really can't remember.

Here are my current obsessions (:

I've been wearing Topshop, BOOM BOOM since the day I got introduced to it simply cos I love the color! It's so playful and girly! However, it's a bit dry so I always spam my lip balm beforehand.
You can choose to add lip gloss on top for a more refined look. 

Topshop, Boom Boom - $19.00
Urban Decay lip gloss - not sure, you can check in any Sephora store!

For a younger and more "korean" look, I'd go for orange color! However Mac's "Morange" is a tad too bright and striking for my liking so I mix it with Stylenanda's 3CE peach coral lipstick!
What I do is to apply the lighter colored lipstick (Stylenanda's peach coral) on the whole lip, and then apply the more striking shade (Morange) on the inner lips. Hope you get it hahah.

Mac Morange lipstick - approx $25
Stylenanda lipstick (bought it from HK) - approx $20

*Sorry for the blur picture!

I'm quite a fan of Stylenanda's lipsticks since I started on this shade. I think it's absolutely FEMININE!!! And I can't wait to get more when I travel again. So sad you can't get it in Singapore :/ This lipstick, CHU CHU, has a relatively glossy finishing but not over the top kind? Love it!

And this is another Stylenanda's brilliant invention, Fatal. Can I just say I'm insanely obsessed with the color cos it's soooooo sultry. BUT I haven't worn this color out cos it's a bit too loud for the day, and I haven't been out partying so no chance for me to strut DAT LIPS~~~ hahahah

Both Stylenanda lipsticks (bought it from HK) - approx $20

So about a month ago, L'Oreal sent me not one BUT TEN lipsticks to try out and boy was I impressed. I'm not saying this because they sponsored me so many lipsticks (though I'm extremely grateful) but because their colors are AHHHHMAZING. I'm sure anyone who has tried this new range, Color Riche would agree with me. *fervently nodding my head*

And out of 10, I've picked out 3 of my favorite colors which I've been wearing TO DEATH. Like almost everyday.

Here I am, wearing M511 Glamour Fuchsia. I never thought I would like deep fuchsia which is pretty much in between purple and pink cos I was just a die-hard pink fan but this lipstick changed my opinion. I think this shade is GORGEOUS! It can be a bit too loud for casual days so I'd tone it down but applying the inner lips only.

So for a softer look, I'd always apply just my inner lips. 
For a fuller look, I'd apply the entire lip!

R513 Viva Red

Like I said, I can't really pull off red very well but this shade of red is more suitable for me and it's the ONLY red lipstick I have/kept. I threw all others away cos I could never find the one that suits me well. I don't wear a red lip often still, but I'd definitely use this when I want classy red lips (:

And yes this is one of my worn to death lipsticks (which broke due to the shitty weather, super sad!!!).
PR512 Red Valentine
Though it says red, but I feel it's more deep pink than red? Especially so in real life! I just love love love it! Favorite lippy, Y U BREAK? :(

If I'm not wrong, the L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks are retailing at $21.90!

Lastly, it's this trusty Maybelline lipstick which has been with me for the longest time! It's orangy pinkish so it's very sweet and not over the top. Perfect for school (: The texture is surprisingly very smooth and moisturizing as well.

Can't remember how much I got this for cos it's v long ago but should be below $20!

So that's about it for my favorite lipsticks! Heheh I love lipsticks!
And since we are on the page of beauty, I just wna say a BIG THANK YOU to Crabtree & Evelyn for sending over such sweet-smelling goodies!

I'm not obligated to say this but I LOVE THEIR LATEST SCENT, Pear and Pink Magnolia. Can someone just tell me how can PEAR of all fruits smell soooooo good? I've been using the perfume everyday! What in the world, it's soooooo sweet-smelling I promise you. I even went down to their store in JEM 2 days later to get some more stuff for myself hehe. 

TQ Crabtree & Evelyn for introducing me to your new scent. I LOVE IT (:

I really hope you readers can at least pop by the store to take a quick sniff, for YOUR sake hehe.

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