Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I haven't had much time to test out my camera cos I've been very busy with TJM and school assignments (yea, what's new). Took some time to take some shots at Daniel's estate. I love taking pictures at his estate in the evening. The surrounding, the sun etc, just look so nice in pictures.

Hahaha he HATES taking selfies. Ok, which guy likes it anyway BUT TOO BAD DANIEL HAHAH.

Notice the change from my usual make up?
Orange blusher and lipstick!

Upcoming top in TJM! Available in black as well (:

Spotted a cutie retriever! Ahhhhhh I love Goldies~

Came back this morning to a bag of goodies from one of my favorite make up brands, URBAN DECAY!

I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of cosmetics they sent me. I think it can last me for 3 years honestly! Super generous, and most definitely thoughtful cos they specially sent me colors they know I would wear! Should I do a giveaway???? It's really A LOT!!!

I love their vanity pouch! Usually those make up brands vanity pouch always look very boring and meh, but this is simply gorgeous! Definitely gonna use it! :D

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes! Since the day I was introduced to UD, I was a believer of their eyeshadows. Bold yet wearable colors....AHHH I CAN'T STOP GUSHING! Not forgetting their other popular items like primers and naked palette (which I'm still using religiously #onceabelieveralwaysabeliever )!

Can't wait to try out all the products especially the primer, bronzer and make up spray! 
Once again, thank you Urban Decay! I love you hahahaha.

Urban Decay can be found in Sephora stores (:

PS. This is not an ad, neither am I obligated to blog about them but I really like UD and they are just awesome (:

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