Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Euro Trip : Bath!

Bath has a rich roman history and as the name suggests, is the only place in UK where you can bathe in naturally hot spa water and originally roman style baths. Its so quaint, so delightful, so peaceful yet so sufficient. I enjoyed Bath though I think 2-3 days would be enough to cover the whole city. 

We decided to stay in the countryside to bask into the tremendously slow peaceful life and I think it was a splendid decision. We rented 2 rooms in this Airbnb countryside house located just 15 mins away from the city centre.

Exterior of the house and our english rooms!

Coffee and tea in my room!

Tons of books in Vera's room (:

I was the first to wake up the next morning so I decided to explore the house a little and find lil Henry (our host's pet dog) but instead of finding Henry in the backyard, I saw a freaking DEER instead. I literally ran up to the rooms and woke everyone up. I mean how often do you get deers in your backyard?!!!! Even the owners told me I'm damn lucky cos it only happened twice to them after staying there for like what, 10 years? It was such a precious moment!

And here's cutie Henry

 After all the deer commotion, I went out to take a walk around the neighbourhood and breathe in the fresh morning air! 

The face of indulgence hahaha

I think that was my first countryside accommodation and definitely not the last. I thoroughly enjoyed the calm and peaceful environment, the morning fresh air and lack of noise pollution. Not to mention, it's always interesting to take a peek into the locals' lives and the environment they grew up in. Waking up to deers in the backyard was precious too! We also got to catch up with the folks of the apartment over breakfast and they gave me an insight of Bath which was incredible. It's also located 5 minutes away from one of the nicest cafes I've ever been to! Ahhhh so pretty I'll NEVER forget.

Staying in my Bath airbnb house was overall a very heartwarming, endeering (pun intended) and insightful experience. Also, being a dog lover, I really enjoyed mornings with Henry! We initially wanted to stay in this other gorgeous house we found on Airbnb but sadly it was rented out before we could confirm! But I'll definitely try this out next time I'm in Bath.

Take a look at this beauty!

You can view this beautiful countryside house here! I can keep browsing Airbnb forever, there are just so many beautiful houses I want to stay in. Trust me, just browse once and you will be addicted like me (truth, not just cos I'm working with them!). You know the drill, sign up and book your first Airbnb stay at my airbnb page to get $33 off!

We spent most of our afternoons and nights exploring the city centre and visiting abbeys and the roman bath!

Ended our 2D2N Bath trip in this gorgeous hilltop cafe with a breathtaking view which I mentioned above. I can't say enough how much I love Hare & Hounds and I dare say it's possibly Bath's nicest restaurant in terms of the view. The location (just 5 mins drive from my house) and view itself is a winner, not forgetting their food and coffee were pretty good as well. If not for the cold temperatures, I would have spent one whole afternoon sipping tea or wine in the open space. What a sweet sweet restaurant and I highly recommend it to anyone going to Bath.

Hare & Hounds
Lansdown Road, Avon, Bath BA1 5TJ, United Kingdom

There are a couple of places I wanted to visit but didn't get to so here's the list for you (:

1. Bath Abbey
2. No. 1 Royal Crescent
3. The Circus
4. Fashion Museum
5. Farleigh Hungerford Castle
6. Thermae Bath Spa

1. Clayton's kitchen
2. Sotto Sotto
3. Circus Cafe & Restaurant
4. Tilleys Bistro
5. Same same but different
6. The real italian ice cream co
7. Bea's vintage tea room

Okay, I take back my word. Maybe 3 days wasn't enough after all! :D
Hope you enjoyed this Bath post!

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