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Stockholm home living with Airbnb

 After a gruelling 15 hours flight + 9 hours transit from Singapore to Stockholm, all I really wanted after landing was just to cosy up in a nice home and get some rest. This time, I've chosen to stay with airbnb and my apartment in Stockholm was the perfect respite for my exhausted body, it was just perfect! This has got to be my favourite apartment out of all that we stayed in throughout our 3 weeks in Europe.
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It's super cosy and homely, not to mention I feel like I stepped into an IKEA showroom when I entered. Ange told me that Stockholm homes are known for their Swedish homely interior decor, hence our apartment really screams SWEDEN to me (: It was an all sufficient apartment with a kitchenette, balcony, washrooms and even a music player and screen projector for our stay-in movie nights! WOOHOO! 

Was so delighted to see this sweet handwritten note from the owner, Else. You don't get such hospitality from hotels. Yeah yeah, full rights to the refrigerator! \m/

We couldn't pass on the offer so we cooked up a storm the next morning! 

Ingredients, checked!
Pots and pans, checked!
Wine and coffee, checked!

There was SO MUCH food in the fridge from pork sausages to truffle pasta to pulled beef to fruits and salads! 

TADAH! Our masterpiece after 1.5 hours of experimenting around in the kitchen!

I'd hit replay at these moments a thousand times. Nothing feels better than getting reunited with my girls and spending quality time together. Good food, coffee, laughters and boys talk. 

I've always been a fan of apartment living cos it gives a different experience that hotels don't provide. It feels homely (sorry if I've overused the word but I can't find a better word), laid-back and it allows you to bask into the country's culture and interior design which is one of a kind! I love visiting a new place and living through the eyes of a local. I don't think I'd be able to experience such a beautiful swedish decor in a hotel for the price I paid. This apartment cost me only approximately $145/night for 4 people and I think that's an absolute steal for such a lovely space in a prime hipster area lined up with bars and restaurants. Not to mention, it was only 3 mins walk to the metro station which was our main form of transportation in Stockholm. Hotels in Stockholm are at sky-rocket prices so I'm pretty damn sure I had made a better choice booking with Airbnb! Living in an apartment also means 4 of us could stay together in one space instead of separating into 2 rooms!

Besides I'm just the kind of girl who enjoys a cup of latte in the balcony with a good read and music, one who loves to experiment new recipes (though we are still not good at cooking hahaha) with my friends and have silly unpretentious conversations for hours over wine and home-cooked food. Well well, what's not to love about interior design too! Can always appreciate a well-designed home (:

Some postcards of my inseparable relationship with the attached balcony hahah

Just look at how beautiful winter is from our apartment surroundings!

The apartment's backyard!

Else is an interior designer so she had some really good magazines of home decor and on travel too! Could spend my forever in this home just lounging around.

I've fallen deeply in love with Stockholm and Swedish homes are one of the reasons aside from the wonderful people and slow-paced life. Before I flew to Stockholm, Else actually emailed me a few good local bars/restaurants around the area to check out so we went to Linje Tio which is just a stone's throw away from our home for dinner on our first night!

They serve fantastic meat and drinks, and have great vibes! The prices are a bit on the steeper side but restaurants in Stockholm are generally very expensive so I'm glad at least we paid for something good! This restaurant is pretty underground and is very popular with locals only so I wouldn't have known about it if not for our airbnb host!

We were all so pleased with our stay and I would love to share with you guys my Stockholm apartment wish list which I made on Airbnb if y'all are visiting that beautiful city anytime soon! This wish list feature is one of my favourite features on Airbnb. It allows me to save all the nice apartments and categorise them under different countries so it makes it super fast and easy when I want to search for an apartment in a particular country in future or to share it with my friends! Feel free to create your own too and get lost in the plethora of listings too!
Airbnb is available in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries so I'm sure you will find something you like! They even have castles and igloos for rent, how cool is that!!! 

If you've never airbnb-ed before, head to my Airbnb page to get $33 off your first Airbnb stay! Get lost in the listings and book, simple as that! Booking and making payment is really simple and secure. After that you can starting planning your cafe-hopping and sightseeing itinerary like a local by going through their neighbourhood guides. It's specially curated by locals so no tourist traps fo sho!

In my next post, I'll be sharing more on sightseeing in Stockholm so stay tuned (:

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