Monday, 26 January 2015

Euro Trip : Winter colours of Stockholm

Hej Hej!
I'm so excited to share the first part of my Europe trip aka one of the loveliest cities, Stockholm! It was my first time to Europe and I'm so glad I finally made a trip there despite the really long flight duration. Image heavy, enjoy!

Gamla Stan!
It's really beautiful there. It's an old town of Stockholm which houses many great restaurants and cafes. It faces the serene slussen lake which would definitely be so pretty during summer!

Swedish meatballs for our first lunch in Stockholm!

Stockholm is such a picturesque city!

Super good hot chocolate at Chokladkoppen, a cafe very famous for their hot choc! Will definitely recommend if you're visiting Stockholm.

Stortorget 18, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish fish soup which was damn yums too! Love it and I recall it was quite affordable.

Kajsas Fisk
Hotorgshallen 3Stockholm 111 57Sweden (Norrmalm)

It was actually really cold and I was underdressed but I didn't wanna wrap up like a dumpling hehe. Too vain for my own good. 

We bought one big slab of salmon and brought it to London for a salmon partayyyeee. Salmon is so cheap and soooooo fresh in Stockholm!!! If I'm not wrong it was $30 or $50 for the big piece we bought.

Took a ferry to Skansen Zoo + christmas market!


It was my first Christmas market and it was very nice! I expected more though but I think I raised my expectations too high. It was very nice to see traditional swedish ornaments, eat traditional swedish food and snacks. It was pretty fun joining in the dance too, totally soaked up the christmas atmosphere!

That was our short 3 days in Stockholm and I wish we spent more time there. It was definitely not enough at all! Stockholm doesn't have many touristy spots or attractions except for museums and palaces but what I really love about Stockholm is the super nice and friendly people, and how chill the whole city is. The buildings are very colourful as well. I think summer in Sweden would be way nicer and I'm planning to go this year again (: The only sian part about Stockholm is that it's really really pricey. One average meal costs about $50 - $70, each train ride is about $5, a cup of coffee/hot chocolate is about $7. Not to mention the cabs are really expensive as well so if you're planning on staying/visiting Sweden, you better prepare more $$$! 
My air ticket to Stockholm was about $1,100 and I got it during a sale on Qatar Airways (my transit time was 9 hours but I think it's cos I got a sale ticket). If you get it without sale, it's around $1.3k - $1.5k on airlines like airfrance, emirates, qatar etc. Stockholm hotels are pretty expensive too, averaging at $300 per room per night for a decent room in a good location. So a tip for you is to book your accommodation with Airbnb instead! I got an apartment for only $145 per night for 4 people in a good location so it's a lot more value for money! You can read the post below for more information on my Stockholm accomm. 

You get $33 travel credit when you sign up and book your first stay with Airbnb at my page here! Can't emphasise further how grateful I am for the existence of Airbnb, helps me save so much money that I used for shopping and food instead hehe!

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  1. OMG! I'm from Stockholm and I love your blog!! Would have loved to meet you in person, but I was actually in Singapore at the time haha. Anyway, glad you enjoyed my hometown :)