Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vanity Trove

I'm sure most of you, if not all have heard of Vanity Trove. And I'm so excited to share with all of you about it and get you started on this box of surprises!
Now, let me just ask. 

So what is Vanity Trove all about?

It's a community which introduces and lets you try out beauty, health and skincare products. Most of the brands or products are highly raved and definitely reliable. Simply join the community for FREE, and subscribe to get your own vanity trove for only $25/month!

Let's cut the chase and see what wonderful surprises I have in my troves (:

Once you open up the troves, there will be a mini magazine to guide you along the featured products, and free vouchers!!

So here's my January trove which was like a "healthy" trove for me!

And I've decided to draw out a single item from every trove as my favorite item! Bifesta make-up remover! Perfect for travelling!

February trove which is also my favorite simply because there's Kiehl's dark spot solution and Origins anti-aging cream! I've never tried these two products before but we all know how trusted these two brands are!! And I'm using Origins pimple cream which is damn good also. 



My march trove I got a shock when I opened the trove and saw Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. You know how expensive the retail price is??!! SCORE!

Can't wait to try this eye serum also!


So here are my 5 recommended products from the troves : 
1. My beauty diary mask
"The masks come in many pampering varieties to suit different skin care needs. They are perfect for anyone who craves a luxurious treat at an affordable price. I like to keep enough varieties in my collection for different moods and seasons." I can't do without them every week!

2. Bifesta make-up remover
Bifesta Make-up Remover is such a lifesaver for lazy people like me. This water-based makeup remover is gentle yet powerful enough to get rid of the most stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara. The best part is that it's non-sticky and non-oily which doesn't clog my pores! 

3. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer compact
It's the best-selling tinted moisturizer available in a convenient compact. Lightweight, SPF20, moisturizing, long-wearing, non-greasy. Need I say more? 

4. DKNY perfume
Just two sprays in the morning can last me through a humid day. It smells really light, clean and sweet, of course like a rose! Makes a girl feel both girl and sensual!

5. Kiehl's dark spot solution
"Finally, a formula that works well for sensitive Asian skins! The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution contains 100% active ingredients, which immediately targets deep-set dark spots without over-drying the skin. Its key ingredient, Activated C, makes use of “anti-cluster” technology to break apart discoloration to give a visibly more uniformed skin tone."
I just used it last night and I love how light it is on the skin! Not oily at all (:

You have no idea how happy I am to own these amazing products, and you can feel this happy too! 

Simply quote "Sophia" when you subscribe and you get a Laura Mercier compact for free!
I urge all of you to subscribe to a box of happiness and surprises (:


Friday, 22 February 2013

Favorite Instagrammers!

Out of ALL the social media platforms, my favorite is instagram!!!
Cos you get to stalk so easily hahah. So I'm gonna share with y'all some of my favorite instagrammers (:


What a stunner~~

I'd totally turn lesbian for her. She's so hot, pretty and cute <3 She's my favorite VS angel for now. 


I don't know is it because I keep going to BKK that most of the people I follow on ig are thais! 
This guy is damn cute, and yes that's the only reason why i follow him hahaha

Use oil-blotter also can use until so handsome??!!!!


I'm pretty into men's fashion so I love @MENSTYLE!! Some of the outfits can be really nice! And they have a lot of suave little boys which is damn cute!


I have no idea how I found her, where she's from or anything about her but SHE'S DAMN SUPER BLOODY PRETTY. LIKE SUPER SUPER GORGEOUS!!!


Lots of cute pictures of this dog <3


Another dog account (:


Style Icon of Thailand. 


She may not appeal to some of you instantly, but she's the kind that will grow on you over time. And it grows massively. I super dig her unique look and her bubbly character. And not to mention her hot bod.


Another huge style icon of Thailand. Absolutely adore her unique styling and creativity. 
She has a label called P's material which is damn popular in BKK now. Went to her shop earlier this month but didn't get anything though :(

So, this is my list of favorite instagrammers!!! It's time to go stalk them~~~
You can follow me on Instagram at : @SOPHIACHONG

Have a great weekend babies <3

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I just want to leave.... :'(

Someone move me to London or Milan, NOW. Let me take up fashion, communications, PR or marketing. Let my soul wonder in a brand new environment, breathe in a fresh new air and meet complete strangers. Or, sponsor me to travel to review about places/hotels. I just want to leave this damned place and do something I'm destined for. I feel like I'm not learning shit in SIM now but I'm forced to churn out reports after reports and having to juggle with TJM at the same time. And fixing a broken heart at the same time. The amount of stress I'm facing now is crazy. I really just want to leave. It's my first time crying in front of my best friends that night, and it never ever happened in my life. I just DON'T cry in front of my friends no matter how terrible I feel, but all hell broke loose and I did.

And I'm so sorry you guys have to see this side of me I never meant to show :/ I'm only human...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

VLOG : Memory Jar // Saving money!

I don't have much to blog about cos I've been so busy with school so I squeezed out some time doing this vlog! Please don't hate me for blogging so little nowadays :( Hope y'all enjoyed the vlog nonetheless! 

I check my formspring everyday, so hit me up whenever! I love reading all the questions/comments by the way (:
Formspring me here!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's over.

I don't wanna keep tweeting all the sad stuff cos I know it's annoying, but I really need to vent my frustration/sadness somewhere. Figured my blog is probably the best place for now, since it was first created for me to pen down my thoughts. I'd suppose the title suggests the purpose of the post. If you still don't get it, too bad for you. It hurts so badly now, hurts up my spine in my heart and out of my soul. I feel lost now that everything has turned to ashes. Three years of having that special someone in my life, poof...gone like that. Took us so much to finally get together, so much ups and downs (more ups i'd say), so many wonderful trips together, and the most amazing birthday ever, and ever thought of marrying this special someone who seemed Godsent. Until this moment, I'd still want to marry him if not for the unsolvable problems we have. I don't know what you think, what others think or even what my friends think but deep down I know how much this special one means to me, and how much I love him. It's crazy. And maybe that's the thing that glued us together for 3 years despite having many problems. But we have come to realize, love isn't everything and it certainly doesn't take away some pain and hurt. I feel like a fool for always being able to give love advice on my formspring when right here, I'm sobbing and feeling so so so helpless. It's not that we have never broken up or taken a break before that I've never bothered writing a post like this. I always saw a glimpse of hope or a silver lining no matter what nasty situation we were put into. But right now, this time I know it's for real. It's over. We're done. The best damn thing that ever happened to me, it's time to go. The best three years of my life, it has to be nothing but memories. With all my ex-boyfriends adding up, it still can't amount to what I feel for D. It's crazy, and perhaps it's now then I realize how much I really love someone but it doesn't really matter anymore. I'm bawling my eyes out, crying till my jaw and head hurt. But I'm gonna wake up every morning from now on and tell myself, everything is gonna be alright. Life goes on no matter what. I just want to get my shit together.

Fuck it.
That's what I'm really gonna try to live by, at least.
And if anyone wanna come here/my formspring to rub salt to my wound, don't bother. I won't even entertain you, AT ALL.
I hope the rest of you had a wonderful valentine's day though x

It's been a crazy night. I need to meditate and sleep now, goodnight.

Thursday, 14 February 2013



Zhu ni men tian tian kai xing, shen ti jian kang! Go figure (:

Reunion dinner at my uncle's place on the eve of cny!

Special guest of the night! Oreo's part of the family so obviously he has to go for reunion dinner too! It's mandatory hahaha

Trying to snap a picture with my sleepy gramp!

Home-cooked dinner by my uncle who's a chef!!! Nomssss~

拜年 to my daddio and mummy on the first day!!

Then it was my sis' turn!

Took extra long to doll up that morning cos I wanted to look....PRINCESSY/ BARBIE hahaha.

How? Can pass right, so pink!

Dress and necklace coming up in TJM soon. It's ladder back dress but I don't have a back picture of it. It's a freaking nice dress!

Happy woof woof year!
So we headed over to my paternal gramp's place then headed back to my house again cos my house was opened on chu yi night to my maternal side! 

Meet mini me! That's my younger cousin, Sheryl, on the left. She looked a lot like me when she was younger , but there's still some resemblance now. So if you're wondering how I looked like when I was in primary/early secondary school, I guess that was how I looked? Single eyelid also.....sigh our genes.

Mini me #2!

Cousins <3

Family plus the boyfriends. 

Daniel (:

Hahah I forced my floral shades on a few victims that night. So cute why everybody kept running away from it?!!!!
Then the 2nd day of cny was spent having lunch at Daniel's with his family and dinner at my aunt's!
Simple OOTD for day 2! 

Top is coming in TJM soon also! It's a damn nice top, I got a lot of compliments for it but can't really tell from this photo :/ 

Went to Sof's place for dinner and to gamble on the 3rd night. Super thankful she "took me in" on 2nd and 3rd night cos some shit happened and I was quite troubled. I guess I'm the kind who won't show that I'm sad , like I'd put on a strong front. And I get better when I have friends accompanying me. 

4th day wasn't exactly good either. In actual fact, it sucked. But oh wells, what goes down will eventually have to come up right? (: 

Before I end,