Friday, 8 February 2013

♡ Michy's 21st! ♡

Celebrated Mich's 21st last Sat at Kinki Bar (olalala~~~) 

It had a view of MBS (: pretty nice!!

I'm such a shorts kinda girl. Been wearing shorts to club a lot also! 

Martin (the birthday boy too aka Mich's brother), Jinpin, and Mich!

Guys just love to do ugly poses at EVERY shot uh.

Denise and Audrey (:

And my susulan who somehow reminds me of....borat, unfortunately.

Maybe if you know Daniel well enough, you'd see the resemblance hahah

Super grateful for Michelle in my life <3 

Next day I brought Daniel to Pepperoni Pizza cos I've been wanting him to try their pizza out! One of my fav!

Binjai Park branch!

And this is the large pizza we ordered! Half pepperoni half parma ham salad pizza, love it!

Aglio Olio was a bit too oily but still quite savory!

Go try it if y'all haven't! They have quite a few outlets in Singapore.

Anyways CNY is just 2 days away, have y'all decided what to wear? Heheh I wanna share with y'all my outfits so follow me on instagram ok! Confirm plus chop I'll post ootd photos during CNY.



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