Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I'm back with HK part 2 which consists of even nicer visuals :D 

To kick start day 3, here are some pictures of just Ange and I camwhoring while waiting for princess Vera to get ready hahaha.

Since we had already explored Kowloon (Mongkok area) on the 2nd day, we decided to spend the 3rd day in HK island. Took a train down to Central for lunch. I prefer HK island to Kowloon but I particularly like Central a lot. Maybe cos people there dress up to the nines, Wellington street has a wide array of good food  coupled with a few good ol' cafes and the whole place is just damn chill and laidback.

Guess which cafe/restaurant we were hunting for!!!

Favorite HK outfit!
Didn't think this red and black stripe scarf could go so well with my tartan skirt :D

Wellington street, the street of goodies. Famous dimsum, vietnamese pho, wanton mee, roast goose meat, Beijing handmade noodles etc etc!

And yes we were there for...MAK'S NOODLES! Apparently HK's most famous/best wanton noodles. Not sure if it's really the best but it's the best I've had so far (:

Cha chan teng style!

And yes this is the divine bowl of wanton noodle. It's really light and savory, pretty damn perfect. The only downside was that this small bowl of wanton noodles cost around SGD$7! I'll definitely come back for more even tho it's a bit more pricey.

Prior to the trip, I read online that Tsim chai kee (just opposite Mak's) is nicer and cheaper so we decided to give it a try right after trying Mak's hahaha.

The portion at Tsim chai kee(TCK) is bigger, almost twice the size of Mak's and it's only about SGD$5.
However, we all preferred Mak's Noodles still. The soup at TCK is a bit too thick for our liking. So, Mak's  the winner for us!

We aimlessly strolled around Wellington street and landed ourselves in a rusty looking cafe joint, Mana's slow food. I actually tried it the last time I went to HK and remembered the coffee was decently good so we hopped in for a cup of coffee.

Pretty girl!

Posing queen really hahaha

So pretty too aiyo!!!

Best girls <3

Hahah it's damn awesome to travel with all girls, can slowly take our time and take a lot of pictures!

After that, I told them they need to try my favorite egg tarts in HK. It's none other than Tai Cheong Bakery located at Lyndhust Hill (also at Central)!

Really eating non-stop hahaha

Verdict :  They all dig it so much. At first Vera was a bit unconvinced that egg tarts can be that good until she took a bite from my egg tart. After that, she was like "OMG I ALSO WANT TO BUY!!! IT'S SO NICE".
And we all ended up dabao-ing like 2 dozens back to Singapore?

After all the hours of non-stop eating, we decided to head down to Tsim Sha Tsui to catch the light show at Avenue of stars at 8pm. But some shopping at Harbour City first!

My favorite building in HK!

Hong Kong skyline which is honestly breath-taking! 
We missed the light show cos we spent too much time in Zara :( Zara really has our hearts completely.

And dinner near Ashley road!

That was it for our third day!

On the 4th day, we decided to hit Hollywood road which is the fusion of contemporary and traditional. Very interesting place, lots of cafes, art galleries and wall graffiti etc. A place I can see myself wandering about alone and immersing myself into the "culture" and "tranquility". It's also kinda like a place for hipsters?

Extremely in love with the Zara tartan coat which I snagged during the year end sale. Need to find a chance to wear this in Singapore!

These 2 siao zha bors forever posing like vainpots and crazy women. I feel like their mother sometimes hahaha.

My favorite pair of shades!

Girl band shots hahaha.
The mother joined her kids in the end.

We all decided to settle at this cafe called Nosh cafe!

And after tea-time, we took a cab down to Sai Kung for seafood dinner! Sai Kung is like a fishing harbour but mostly clad with seafood restaurants now. It's pretty interesting cos we could pick our own live catch and the way we wanted it to be cooked.

We were pretty conservative with our picks so we picked prawns, scallops, lobsters and fish.
But just check out the cool huge fishes or whatever they are.

Huge ass crab aka monster.

And God knows what this is but it looks creepy. 

Now some normal seafood which were very yummy~~

Me at my hungry beast mode.

Ange and I snuck out of the restaurant to get Vera a birthday cake cos her birthday was the next day and it was nearing 12am then already. Happy birthday again BB <3 we love you so much!!

After that, we went back to the hotel to wash up + change then headed to party at Lan Kwai Fong! Such a fun and memorable night!! Sadly, we didn't take any pictures. Partied till 4am then went straight to the airport to catch our 7am flight!

Really enjoyed myself so much this trip and I can't wait for a repeat. Miss the food in HK so I'm probably going again this year with my mum! And the girls and I are making year-end plans to visit Vegas and California! Can't wait!!!

So that was about my HK trip! :D Hope y'all enjoyed reading it.

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Important people hanging in my room!

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Anyways, for those who are curious as to why I haven't been answering my ask.fm questions, I've decided to stop answering cos it takes up quite a fair bit of my time and I'm really very busy with TJM and school already :/ But no worries, y'all can always comment on my blog! :D

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