Saturday, 15 February 2014


Happy Valentine's day to all! (:
Hope y'all had a good/sweet one with your loved ones. 

Just a few days before Vday, my dad got admitted into the hospital for stomach infection which shook me quite a lot so Daniel and I kinda aborted our "bigger plans" for Vday and decided to just have a simple dinner instead. Probably will have a staycation in March when things are more stable. 

Just so because E V E R Y O N E would be celebrating Valentine's day, I told Daniel let's just go somewhere simple and less crowded cos I didn't wna squeeze in a noisy restaurant with so many people. So we decided to go back to the restaurant where we kinda had our first date when I was 19 years old which was....Coffee Club @ Millenia Walk. Not a posh or romantic restaurant for Vday I know, but that really doesn't matter at all. What matters more is the meaning behind it so yesssss, we had our Vday dinner there!

All dolled up to meet my beloved date!

And was greeted by....

Yeap flowers in my fav color, PINK!
TQ Mel for putting them together (:

Here's what we had!

Mushroom soup, too watery :/ 

Creamy linguine with duck!

And "mudpie" which cheated our feelings. Thought there would be pie/cake beneath but the whole thing is ICE CREAM supported by a thin slice of chocolate. -.-

Though the food wasn't very satisfactory, I still felt very happy to be eating in our "first date" restaurant and sitting where we sat 4 years ago! Brought back so many wonderful memories~

Coincidentally wore plaids together hahaha!

Top will be up on TJM new launch this Sunday! 

Decided to try out this Coconut cream sago from HK cafe after dinner cos I tried a super nice one in HK. Anyone know where I can get nice ones in Singapore??

Daniel and I took a bus from Suntec back to my house, just like old times and I love it.
Thank you for this simple but heartwarming Valentine's day. I'm truly thankful to have you, who treats me well on other days through the years. I love you.

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