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This is really random but I'm so glad CNY this year wasn't as humid as the past few years. Don't you girls just hate that you gotta walk in high heels and nice clothes in hot weather?? So yes thank God for the cooler weather this CNY that made my steamboats more enjoyable!

Steamboat round 1!
Reunion dinner with my family at home! I love shabu shabu~~~


I wasn't really looking forward to CNY or counting down, and I didn't bother buying new clothes particularly for CNY so when I woke up I was like "HUH OMG IT'S CNY I DIDN'T BUY NEW CLOTHES WHAT SHOULD I WEAR???!!!!!" Thank God I bought some new dresses from Tam's shop a week ago!

Mom and dad!

Bai nian morning!

And Oreo trying to balance an orange on his head hahaha

Visited my grandpa at his place after that!

Stayed there for lunch, gambled a bit and caught up with my cousins before heading down to Daniel's house to bainian and for reunion dinner! Steamboat round 2!

Spent the whole night eating and chit-chatting with Daniel and his family. Daniel's friends came over and we gambled. SIGH MY LUCK SUCKS EVERY YEAR! Every single year I gamble I will C O N F I R M lose. If not, my winnings will be missing. So this year, I accepted my fate and just gambled for the thrill. 

Vera and Ange drove over to drag me out to watch Lion men with them after that at 2am!!! Hehe super happy for Vera who can drive now :D 


 Headed over to my aunt's house for....NASI LEMAK BUFFET! She catered from some nasi lemak company and it was so yummmmeh~~~

Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese baked by my aunt!

Sis and her bf!

My susulan :D 

Headed over to Sofie's house at night! Missed everyone so much :D

Only picture I took that night -.-


Third day was spent with my favorite friends in the world. Ange got back from Sweden in Jan so we have been spending a lot of time together before she flies back :/ 
Went to bestie's house and....chilled. And steamboat round THREE!!!

Bestest girls in my life <3

And then we started fooling around with Alistair's stuff like hangers, belts, bolster and water bottle. So many props for us to camwhore hahah.

More selfies when they were all busy...

That's about it for my CNY! Glad to spend time with important people in my life (:


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