Saturday, 30 November 2013


Before embroidery

I had very thin and SUPER sparse eyebrow before I went for embroidery. And it was very very messy so I always threaded it but somehow threading makes it look thinner which I really didn't like. I'm a bit lazy to dig out pictures of my before embroidery but just imagine them to be messy and sparse k?

After embroidery w/o filling in brows

So this is how I look without drawing my brows AFTER eyebrow embroidery. Not very thick but not very thin either. Kinda like it this way instead of the super thick eyebrows cos I don't think it compliments bare face well? I know most girls prefer super thick eyebrows though.


Drawing my brows is really a lot easier after I got the embroidery done cos I just gotta follow the shape and draw!

So here are some FAQs y'all always ask on my : 

1. Is eyebrow embroidery painful?
I have a pretty high tolerance of pain and I think it's slightly painful? Like stinging pain when the needles go through your skin. However, it's definitely tolerable. I'll rate the pain 3.5/10!

2. How long is the embroidery process and how often do you have to touch up?
It takes about half an hour to 45 mins. I usually touch up every half a year but it differs for everyone. Some people need to touch up every 4 months, some every 1 year so it really depends on your condition.

3. Where do you do your eyebrow embroidery and do you recommend it?
Shop name : #1 salon 
Address : Salon Blk 513 Bishan Street 13, #01-518 (Go to the level 2)
I would recommend it to those who don't want very thick eyebrows. This place does more natural looking eyebrows than the thick korean kind. However, if you're looking for something more prominent, then this is not the place for you.

4. Who does my eyebrow?
Amy. She's the most experienced and highly sought after staff there. Downside is that, you gotta book appointment at least 4 months in advanced.

5. Can you choose the shape and color of your brows?
Yes definitely. However, the staff would recommend shape/color suitable that's more suitable for you according to your face shape and hair color. They can also draw out the shape for you first to let you see if you like it.

6. How much is it?
It's $180 for eyebrow embroidery with a compliment touch up within 6 months. Subsequently, touch up is at $40. It's considerably cheap compared to other parlours that charge >$300.

7. Do you regret doing eyebrow embroidery?
Not at all. It's probably one of the best decisions I've made cos my fuller brows now make me look better!

Please hit me up on my askfm if you have any more questions! I'll add them into this list of FAQ!


Friday, 29 November 2013


Happy Black Friday!
Pamper yourself with some stuff from the BFS!

Just got back from my work trip and feeling extremely under the weather. Had a very uncomfortable stomach throughout the whole trip (probably food poisoning or something), and my cough worsened a bit. Came back super tired cos I had damn little sleep plus I had a tiff with D. Really wish my Friday could be better than this. Sometimes I wish I could just stay away from Singapore for a period of time. Today is just disheartening. I feel so tired, so indignant and so...awful. Sigh.

Hope everyone is feeling chirpier than I am, it's the weekend after all!
Be back with "eyebrow embroidery FAQ" post soon!


Monday, 25 November 2013


Hiiiiiii, I'm so excited to share this post with y'all cos it's possibly the happiest and most fun shoot I've done so far! Zalora picked me for their 2013' Christmas lookbook and I feel super flattered and also damn happy that I took it on! Prior to the shoot, I went down to their office for fitting and two days after that was our photoshoot!

8am call time face + 2 fresh primples. Slapped on some concealer, loose powder, lipstick and drew my eyebrow!

Betris was kind enough to get me tea and bread (: Thank you!
Hotel Clover gave us a room that day to do hair and make up, very nice of them! Suite room with jacuzzi tub some more though we didn't use it hehe.

Here's the room

I'm actually contemplating to book this room soon for a staycation with Daniel (:

Zalora crew + Hotel Clover PR manager + photographer! Super nice bunch of people (:

Here are some bts pictures Betris took with my camera. There are 7 looks altogether I think!

Back to the room to change my hairstyle!

One of my favorite looks! So casual chic, and I could finally rest my ankles with these super comfy supergas! I love posing for more androgynous/boyish/youngish looks instead of the glamorous kinda look. I feel there's more room for expression and language. 

This pyramid set of pictures (I only have one, the rest w photographer) is my favorite set. I think everything was executed nicely and I can't wait to get the final pictures from Zalora so I can share them with y'all.

IT'S A WRAP! Finally finished all the outfits after 4 hours of shooting!

This is the wonderful Zalora crew I worked with. They are a bunch of spontaneous, outspoken and fun people to be around with and I felt super comfortable shooting with them even though it kinda was our first proper meeting! I'm usually very reserved when I first meet people but their bubbly personality really helped me to open up more! Thank you (from L-R) Thomas, Xiaomin, Betris and Anna for everything (: And of course le photographer who was behind the lens for this photo! It is my pleasure working with all of you!

Pardon my tired bloated face here. Anna, the girl behind the entire shoot!

Betris, the girl who helped me so much that day!

We all headed for lunch together at Box n Sticks but this was the only picture I got cos I was starving!

Also, thank you Zalora for being my early santa! I love the jacket, the embellished top and OF COURSE the cream superga I was meaning to get!

Thankful for such an opportunity(:
The christmas lookbook should be up on Zalora website by end Nov/early Dec!

I've also launched x'mas part 2 collection at TJM!
Shop new arrivals (: