Thursday, 14 November 2013


I have stopped blogging about BKK for some reasons but took quite a lot of nice pictures this time when I went so thought I would share it. Exam ended on 9th Nov and I flew off on 10th afternoon. Really dread staying in Singapore for more than 2 weeks? hahaha

As usual, I won't respond to any questions regarding BKK.
It was really a good getaway after that whole 2 weeks of studying non-stop and trying to juggle between exam and TJM launches. The battle isn't over cos I will be focusing more on TJM and attending more events/launches (weeeee!!!). Well at least doing something I like. My year end is looking hopeful and I'm just excited about all the plans I have for the next 2 months.
Daniel's coming back this Saturday and I can't wait to see him! Longest time we have ever been apart with very minimal contact :/ 

Have a jolly weekend, I will be putting up a highly requested vlog up soonish!


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