Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I was really excited and honoured when Genna from emailed me for an interview regarding posing on instagram as my title suggests. I felt so flattered yet bewildered as to why they would pick me among the sea of bloggers, especially since there are SO MANY famous and prettier ones who can pose very well too.

Hahah I asked Genna during the interview "why did y'all pick me for the interview? i mean there are so many famous bloggers with sky-rocket following!!" 
And she replied me, "I was asking around for interesting bloggers and your name came up!"

I felt really happy, so thank you Genna for this opportunity!
Here are some snapshots for the article feature :

Photos credit :

The article feature covers : 
- various ways to pose for instagram photos
- how to deal with awkward arms, how to make your legs look longer etc
- my take on selfies
- other tips to get the "perfect" shot

I'm no posing pro as what the article generously proclaims me to be, but hope you digest a tip or two to spice up your instagram account (:

You can read the article here

Once again, thank you and Genna for covering me!

ps. scroll down for my latest make up tutorial (:


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