Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Precious weekends!

I'm almost done with my exams already, freedom after Saturday! Having a 10 days break in between my exams so I decided to rest up last week before fueling for my last paper.

Dinner at The Sushi Bar with the best friend who's back from Perth!

Damage : a pair of heels, a clutch bag, a watch, a pair of loafers and a pair of black pants which I went back again another day to buy.

Thank you bestie for being so patient with me while I shopped. There's no way I can find a better friend EVER! I was in Miss Selfridge for about an hour just choosing and trying on stuff...being fickle. Alistair was just helping me carry my other bags and giving me shoes advice. And he did all that without complaining at all.

On top of that, he even paid for our dinner. I asked him what for, and he told me "nothing lo, haven't treated you dinner in awhile."


And it's not even damn long ago. I think he's one guy who treats me dinners the most in my life apart from Daniel! And I'll always get him drinks and desserts after that to "repay" him hahaha.

Went to Wah Lok restaurant at Carlton Hotel for daddy's pre-birthday lunch on Saturday! Been ages since we all went out to eat cos everyone's always busy with work and all.

Ordered more food but didn't manage to take pictures. 
The dimsum was pretty good. I like the char siew bao, custard bun and maybe the porridge. I still prefer eating dim sum in HK....duh hahaha.

My sister!
I swear I'm putting on weight, look at them cheeks!

Full outfit by TJM!

Collected my pink bag from Tocco Tenero after that and visited my grandpa! I really should make more time for my grandpa. I really love him so much and I wna spend as much time as I can with him since he's getting older already. #2014resolution!

Sunday Funday!

Lunch at Tatsuya (located @ Goodwood Park Hotel) with Hosan, Sam and her sister after church service in the morning!

Days when I don't tong my hair!

Lunch was really good albeit being pricey. Definitely going back again to try more stuff!

 Thank you Sam for helping me take these outfit pictures (:

The biggest paella I've ever seen in my life! @ Pasarbella!

Really enjoy my Sundays ever since I started going to church again. I used to drag my feet to church cos it's super early in the morning and sometimes it gets a bit boring (cos I'm sleepy). But now, I look forward to hearing God's word every week and I feel refreshed after every message. 
Also, Hosan, Sam and sometimes Tammy and I would go explore good food places after service!! Therefore, Sunday Funday hahaha!

On an even brighter note, Salon Vim has just introduced a new hair treatment called Kerathermie by Kerastase which I got to try last week! I have to say Salon Vim has truly never ever failed me!

To give you an unbiased review/evidence, here's my hair after 2 washes!

I tonged my hair but can you tell it's more luscious and bouncier??
My hair was super dry after coming back from Boracay, so dry I couldn't even comb it properly but I can easily comb my hair now after doing the treatment! NOT LYING!

Treatments are extremely important in achieving healthy hair cos when you have damaged/unhealthy hair, it tends to break or fall easily and I'm sure you don't want to lose so much hair.

Just take lesser cabs and spend the money on monthly (or even better, bi-weekly) hair treatments. You will see results in the long run (:

Quote my name to get 10% off at Salon Vim (: 

Salon Vim @ 313 
313 Orchard Road
#04-07/08/09 313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895
+65 6884 7757 / +65 6884 7767


(Picture taken last year)

Lastly, Happy Birthday Daddy!!! You're the most amazing person in my life and I really love and respect you a lot (though I don't really show it to you cos it's mushy hahah). I wish someday you'd read my blog and know how much I love you and how thankful I am to have a dad like you. Thank you for being so giving, so patient, so trusting, so reliable, so supportive. You're my pillar of strength <3 Give me 10 lifetimes, I'd still choose all 10 to be your daughter! 
I love you!


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