Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I'm blogging from the airport now while waiting for my flight back.
Yawns who's bored of my BKK posts already? *hands up*

Here's where you can get your 3G sim card at the airport! I always go for dtac(their telecom service provider). 

Super tired cos I didn't sleep the night before and had to start working right after I checked in!


Had a really tiring and rough day so instead of going out to shop or to meet my friends, I decided to have my dinner alone and just read my book at Glow's super chill outdoor restaurant. The pool's right beside.

DFS buys!
From left to right : 
1. Origins Out of trouble mask - apparently helps to fix or prevent blemishes. Wanted to buy it for a very long time but it's pretty ex in Singapore ($50) so I got it from the airport for ($30)! Tried it last night before I sleep, it feels pretty good. Shall use more often and see if it helps!

2. Maybelline Volume Express mascara - It's quite clumpy but I only apply it on my lower lashes so it doesn't matter to me. It gives a lot of volume though! $11 from DFS, not sure how much is it at normal retail price.

3. Origins spot remover - This works like magic! It's my third bottle already. It clears my pimples or big blemishes v fast! Beats oxy which I think sucks and is too dry for the skin! DFS selling it at $20.90, I think normal retail price is $30/$35!

Petchburi soi 19 coconut ice cream. This is for lazy people like me who HATES going to ctc so it's my next alternative. Defo not as nice as the ctc's one but it's not bad for 15baht!

Le foot massage at Number One!

Greetings from the airport!



Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tocco Tenero with The Party Invaders!

Headed to Salon Vim for my fortnightly treatment and this time I did Redken Cocktail treatment to strengthen my hair!

People who have been asking me if I did anything to my eyelid... NO NO NO NO NO!!! I've repeated a gazillion times already and if I really cut my eyelid and someone asks, I'll definitely admit! Can you see the double eyelid tape in this picture? This is how I get my double eyelid.

Headed down to Vivo City for Tocco Tenero media launch!

For once I'm not the giant! Usually I'm the one taller than all my girlfriends but Min and Tammy together with their killer heels make me look like a midget. I just look so small and unnoticeable here lol

Joey my good friend who's always there to listen to all my nonsense!!

This group was first formed in March when we went to BKK together for Sofie's birthday! In "fate's" beautiful way of putting us together, we all started to bond very quickly. Meeting them all is truly one of the most exciting things that happened for me this year. A lot of us have found good friends among each other, and the group continued to grow from our 2nd BKK trip. I think there are like 30+ or 40 people in the group now! They are probably the most spontaneous people I've ever met (:

So basically, I was given the task to coordinate an outfit using TJM's apparels with Tocco Tenero bags and here's the outfit I came up with! TJM is running low on stocks so I had to make do with whatever I have.

Want to win the red clutch shown above? 
(also the one I'm carrying in this entire post)

Follow these 2 steps : 

1. Follow @toccotenero on instagram
2. Like the mannequin outfit photo on my instagram account (@sophiachong)

You will stand a chance to walk away with this gorgeous red clutch worth about $200 which I think is one of the nicest bags in their collection!


Need to wake up in 3 hours' time for my flight! Will try to blog when I'm there (:


Friday, 26 July 2013

Oreo's birthday / Day out with cousins!

Last week was Oreo's 3rd birthday (big 21 in human years). We didn't really throw a big dog party for him as intended except my sister brought him out to a cafe with other dog friends. So anyhows, we decided to bring him out again one day after his birthday with my cousins!

My sweetheart. Never ever imagined a dog would have brought so much joy and comfort in my life. Indeed my best friend, and like a little brother to me. 

Coincidentally wore black flappy hats with Hillary haha

We went to a cafe that's for humans and dogs so usually you'd see a lot of dogs there mingling and playing with each other! They serve dog's food too!

Their food is pretty good and very affordable too. Only problem's the location! :/ it's located in Serangoon and it's super far away from my place which is in the west. If it was nearer, I'd definitely bring Oreo there all the time to chill.

Sunray Cafe
79 Brighton Crescent
Tel : 62838700

This is Oreo on his actual birthday! So cuteeeeeee!

Happy birthday again Oreo! You will always be my little special one <3


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Brunch with Daniel!

Daniel and I haven't had a proper good day out for quite awhile already and I've been wanting to try this restaurant called "Canopy" for very long already!

Lol, the worn to death sponsored leather jacket from weluvmeow long time ago!

Alfresco dining! Kinda like the concept of it being smacked in the middle of a park aligned with a spa and bar. Very nice place to chill but it's better to go at night cos it's very hot in the day.

Canopy garden dining
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1  569931
6556 1533

It's located in Bishan park 2!

Chilled the whole day and he accompanied me through the night cos I wasn't feeling very well :') 

Anyways, Skin Inc just threw in 50% off for all my readers for facial treatments so read my previous post here to find out how!