Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Birthday part III X Audrey Hepburn night

Back with the last part of my birthday celebration with my friends! I'm not really a birthday person to begin with so this birthday dinner was super last minute.

You girls should know by now that I'm a sucker/lover for anything classy and classic. I love 60s-80s glamour. I love characters like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin etc. And I love movies like The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, Burlesque. So I decided to theme my birthday dinner old classic and I went as Audrey Hepburn! ^^

Went down to Salon Vim to get my hair done before dinner. Thank you Fiona for doing my hair the exact style I wanted it to be!!! :* I really love Salon Vim so much!

More selfies with my beehive!

My dear Natty who came as a Victorian girl. One of the few who dressed up to theme!

Forgot to take pictures of the food but dinner was at Table @ 7, and the food was great! I tried Alist's duck confit and I loved it. Thank you for hosting us and for the complimentary wine (:

Table @ 7
7 Mohamed Sultan Road

Eric who was very kind to lend me his camera that night cos I forgot to charge mine!

After dinner was cake-cutting!

I was allowed to make 2 wishes that night hahah

And if you're wondering who made my super gorgeous cake, it's none other than Jessica from 

Pictures don't do the cake enough justice. It was really really pretty, and it tasted very good! My heart broke a little when I had to cut the cake. Jessica was very sweet to offer to bake me a cake for my birthday even before I made any birthday plans. I was really extremely touched by the sweet gesture. Excellent service, pretty and yummy cake! (: You can also see all the cakes/cupcakes she bake on #shibertybakes on instagram!

Also, wanna thank DX and Gwen for picking up the cake for me!

Thank you everyone who came :*
Alistair, Vera, Nat, Megan, Michelle, Hannah, Ju, Errol, Joey, Tien, Judith, Tammy, DX, Gwen, Sofie and Eric!

More pictures with individual groups!

I had a bit to drink by then so I was starting to look very flushed :/ hate it!!!

 As you can tell, MOST of them didn't dress according to theme (!!!) so I looked super overdressed and I felt damn awkward about it :(

We went to Zouk after and I really didn't want to look like a delusional girl who thinks she lives in the 60s herself so I tweaked my dress a bit and took off my tiara!

Tq Kalyn for wearing to theme :* forever one spontaneous woman when it comes to theme dressing! 

That's all I have for my birthday posts! 
Had a pretty good birthday this year, and it's quite sad that I'm 22 already! I was only 18 when I started TJM. 4 years passed just like that and so much has changed.

To thank all you readers for your support and to share the love I'm feeling on my birthday month, I'm offering $2 off to all my readers when you purchase JUICESEA 5! Quote "sophiaxchong" when you order! 
Discount code valid till end of the week (21/07)

Have a pleasant week ahead loves.

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