Thursday, 27 March 2014

Room Tour V.2

So I mentioned in my previous post that I went to IKEA with Daniel to buy some stuff to spice up my room a bit. I've always loved doing up my room so I'm always visiting IKEA at least once in 6 months! Maybe it's Tumblr getting on me or I just really love fashion so much that I wanna convert my room into a semi-retail-boutique themed space. Like I just wanna feel like I can shop in my room. That explains why I like to display my stuff than to keep all of them in cupboards. 

So this time I bought a clothes rack and some 24 hangers. THAT'S ALL. 
But just look how different/pimped up my room looks now!!

*I know my wardrobe is a bit passe. Will probably change it some time this year*

I still love my huge ass mirror which is a gift from Daniel, Vera and Alist <3

Close up of my boutique corner which consists of my shoes, and TJM latest clothes! 
And yessssss, do you spot my new C baby?

"Shoes are boring, wear sneakers"

My roomy travel bag and sturdy luggage which I'm trying to collect all my immigration stickers/passes on :D

Fur + TJM new arrivals + advertorial pieces = April's muse

And my stash of neck gems!

This isn't exactly a full room tour since I've done one before -->

Just a clothes rack addition and moved my stuff a little, and my room looks different!

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