Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sissy's birthday!

Celebrated my sister's birthday @ home last week. She's 23 years old now, and boy how time flies. I still remember those days when we were still in kindergarten uniform singing birthday song in front of a small fruit cake in our home at Yishun. And boomz, she's now 23 and I'm 21. I was never a very expressive person cos I feel awkward being mushy but I love my sister. She was always very protective of me when I was young. Sometimes she would make me hide behind her when my mum wanted to cane me. And being an extremely lazy girl, I always left my toys on the floor after playing and she'd pack them for me. God put her and my parents in my life for a reason and I'm really thankful for them.

Anyways, I just got back from Bangkok on Sunday morning and I've been spending the entire weekend with Daniel. After 3 long weeks of confinement, he came to pick me up from the airport and I stayed over for 2 nights. It was extremely wonderful to be with him again and I guess army is making me cherish our time together more. It's another 4 days till I can see him. He's the b e s t thing that EVER happened to me, and I swear nothing can replace us as one. He's indispensable in my life already. 

I'm gonna turn in now cos I've got a shoot tomorrow! Have I mentioned that I'm going to Bali next week for a trip and KLM is flying me there on business class!!! 1 more week and I'll be gone again, but I promise I'll blog more this week (:   

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