Friday, 7 November 2014

Daniel's 22nd @ New Majestic Hotel!

I'm back with so many pictures for Daniel's 22nd birthday. It was so tough planning his birthday cos he kept insisting he didn't want any present and just wanted to spend quality time with me. But I, on the other hand wanted to give him both cos we didn't get to celebrate his 21st last year on the actual day cos he was in Taiwan. Anyhoos, thank God everything went extremely smoothly and he was very happy at the end of the day (:

Started the day at Plain cafe while waiting for our hotel room to be ready (:

We've been wanting to try New Majestic Hotel for awhile now cos we chanced upon some pictures online and it looks so nice and artsy. So we couldn't find a more opportune time to have a staycation here. 

Details oh details~

The lobby was such a welcoming sight and the cultural/historical books corner was just a plus point!
Was so excited to see how our Premier Garden room looked like.

I literally screamed "AHHHHH SO PINK OMG I LOVE IT" when I opened the door to our room. And Daniel was like, "your birthday right?" hahaha
The room is of a decent size, not too small nor creepily big. I love how modern yet cultural preserved the room is. And definitely love the idea of the bed frame hanging from the ceiling.

And yes we have a garden/patio which has a lounging area and a stand alone bath tub!
Perfect for couples (:

Did I mention that the bed is really comfortable too?

Daniel was so fascinated with the SmartTV. I was quite shocked too cos I would only expect such technology in continental hotels instead of boutique hotels. Good job, New Majestic!


All non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar is complimentary, woohoo! 
And one of my favorite part of the room?

Kiehl's toiletries!
I've always hated using hotels toiletries cos their shampoo is super drying and the conditioner doesn't even feel smooth, but I was super elated that New Majestic provides Kiehl's products. Even Daniel loves it.

We decided to take an afternoon dip in the pool which is located right outside our room. Talk about convenience (:

Dipping in K.BLU swim royal blue halter neck bikini!

The pool is a tad small but we were the only people there so it was sufficient. The sun was getting a bit too intense so we went back to the room to dip in our cute bathtub!

Lazed around for abit and then brought Daniel to Capricci for his birthday dinner! Read online that they serve super nice italian food and was so excited. Very good service there and thank you for acceding to my request of the private cellar room (:

Happy birthday my man, love you so much!

We were super stuffed from the dinner set and I was a tad high from the wine. Sigh my alcohol tolerance....pretty much non-existent.

Hotel breakfast the next day!

After our check-out, I brought Daniel to the last bit of his birthday plan which was...Gold Class!
Both of us have never tried Goldclass/Platinum suites before so decided to try it this time and watched John Wick. The whole theatre was empty so it was more like private screening hahah. Ordered lunch inside also and it was not bad. 
Is platinum suites better? I thought the Goldclass experience was so-so. Like not bad but I wouldn't pay so much on a normal day. 

Daniel and I enjoyed ourselves so much these 2 days. It's pretty rare we both get off-days and have it all for ourselves. Thank you Unlisted Collection and New Majestic Hotel for putting us up, it was a wonderful stay! I'll definitely want to check out other restaurants/hotels under unlisted collection. Another famed boutique hotel under them is wanderlust hotel (:
You can check out their fine list of hotels and restaurants here ->

And most importantly, happy birthday to you again Daniel. Thankful for such an understanding, uncontrolling, supportive boyfriend. Hope you're enjoying your presents (I know you are hahah)

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