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You can buy almost ANYTHING! [GUMTREE]

I remember the very day Oreo first stepped foot into our house, my heart skipped a bit. That moment, I knew this little precious ball of mischief is gonna be my source of happiness. Sure, it's hard raising a dog especially a puppy since they are very prone to falling sick and don't follow instructions well but I've never once regretted having him. My sister and I have always loved dogs and we had wanted one since young but you know how expensive dogs from pet shops can be so we decided to look online for home breeders instead. Besides, we felt that there were many other dogs out there who need a home more than pedigrees from prestigious pet shops since they are usually very well taken care of and sold off fast . And yes, after browsing online and visiting the home breeder, we decided on Oreo cos he's soooo adorable and slightly mischievious (which is cute to us). Not forgetting his unique coat of fur which resembles an Oreo biscuit, definitely something I haven't seen much in other pet shops. Also, browsing online and buying straight online saved a lot of unnecessary paperwork and procedures. 

What a sweetheart isn't he? 
Recently, I've been browsing for dogs on Gumtree Singapore and found a few cute ones!

The dogs on Gumtree are either for sale or put up for adoption due to reasons like inadequate space in HDB for dogs or over-breeding. These cute little furballs NEED a home. Personally if I want to buy another dog, I'd rather adopt or buy from Gumtree than to buy from a pet shop since I'd be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. To give these pets a proper home and adequate care, and to get a pet for myself. 

Some people have this impression that dogs from homebreeders are less cute but hey, I'm sure I just proved you wrong with the above pictures and my cute little Oreo himself.

On Gumtree, they list many other things also such as cars, furnitures, clothes, designer bags etc etc. It's like a second hand shop and when you dig hard enough, you'll find good stuff! 
You may not know but I enjoy buying second-hand bags cos I don't use them for long and first-hands are SO much more expensive. As long as the pre-loved bag is in a good condition, I would buy it at a good price. And look what I found on Gumtree!

I've been thinking of getting a YSL bag for awhile now and this electric blue is perfect. And it's only $2200. Quite cheap right? Still considering (:

And these candy-colored bags are sooooo pretty! Plus they are handmade so it's very unique!

Not only can you find hidden gems on Gumtree, you can also list your own branded bags or cars for sale! Now I know where to sell my vintage chanel bags in future (:

Speaking of which, I've also been thinking of getting my driving license asap so I can buy my car. It's so much more convenient and it would be cool to drive my own car hahaha. Been looking around a bit and saw a few nice and affordable cars on Gumtree.

Whether you're looking for a furry companion or looking to buy a secondhand designer bag, or even looking for a job, Gumtree has it all! When shopping online, it's essential to shop at a safe and secure platform and that the process is simple and efficient. 

Gumtree has made shopping online even more convenient for you by introducing their new mobile app. Now, you can browse on your phone whether you're skiving in your office or taking that long bus ride. There's also a real-time chat feature so you can communicate with your seller/buyer on the go. Now that you have access to over 300,000 great bargains, be sure to download the free app "Gumtree" which is available on Android and Apple iOS!
You can also read more about it here.

Want to see how many items you can sell in a minute and earn extra cash?

Don't forget, you can save a little furry friend or snag a good and cheap designer bag just by browsing Gumtree so why not give it try? (:

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