Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hover Finger

What is Hover Finger?

Hover Finger occurs when you're at the last step of your purchase and you suddenly decide not to make payment. It's like a literal action of your finger hovering at the "Pay Now" tab. Sounds familiar?
I'm sure many of you, if not all, have experienced this before. Even I still have the Hover Finger disorder!!!

Why and when do I have Hover Finger?

I LOVE shopping online, be it for clothes, electronic goods, air tickets, hotels etc etc. It's just so much more convenient than going to a physical store or a travel agency, but it always comes with risks. Will the pair of jeans fit me? What if they don't mail my item out after payment? Is the website secure and safe for me to book my travels? Should I really spend $200 on those sale items? SO MANY QUESTIONS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD WHEN I'M ABOUT TO MAKE PAYMENT.

Doesn't this happen to you too? Don't worry, cos you're definitely not alone!

Even as an online store owner, I get a lot of dead buyers and that's probably the effect of hover finger :(

As you all know, I travel quite a lot so I'm always on the hunt for the best airline bargains. Sometimes, I land myself on online travel agencies which I've never heard of or booked with before. 

For example, I wanted to book an air ticket to Bangkok a few days ago so I tried to search for the cheapest fare. Soon enough, I landed myself on a site that I was completely unfamiliar with.

*changed my number to a fake one when I took a screenshot so don't prank that number k(:*

Keyed in all my details, hesitated for awhile and eventually, decided not to book it in the end. I was scared that it could be a scam website and I won't get both my flight and money back!
Kinda regret though cos it was a pretty good deal :/

I feel like I'm losing out on a whole lot of good deals because of Hover Finger and I really don't want to anymore!

I'm sure you girls have something to say about this too.
Share your experiences and tag #HoverFinger so I can read about them (:

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