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Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE [AD]

Well, guess who got her hands on the latest Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE???
When I first got news that Samsung wanted to sponsor me the GALAXY S5 LTE, I got so excited ‘cos I wanted to try out so many exciting features like the Selective Focus function and Beauty Mode on the 16MP camera, water and dust resistence, ultra power saving mode (I NEED THIS!!!) etc etc.

Before anyone starts using their brand new phone, we need to transfer our data such as music, contacts and photos into our new phone which can get rather troublesome.
The Samsung Smart Switch App makes the transfer into Samsung GALAXY S5 extremely simple and fast via PC or from the old phone (even if it’s an iPhone!!)!

It's a simple 5-step process and tadah, all your data in the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTC!

You can find out more information on the Smart Switch here:


And now, I'll start by sharing about the GALAXY S5 LTE camera.
Many of you girls will want to read this first too right hahah.

I'm pretty sure most of you face this problem of having your picture damn dark and only getting a silhouette without the details when you take the camera facing direct sunlight or light. The new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE solves this problem with their Real Time HDR.

It's not very obvious in this photo but if you look carefully, the picture taken with HDR on is sharper.
Like more crystal clear effect?

Real-time, advanced HDR reproduce natural lighting and color with striking intensity at any lighting conditions!

The other function which is Fast Auto Focus is perfect for capturing moving objects without blurring.
Samsung says that this feature is so fast, its auto focus is up to 0.3 focus!!!!

Hence I tested it on my hyperactive dog! :D

Look at how clear the image is!!! And I swear it's damn hard to capture a decent clear picture of Oreo cos he's supersonic.

Another function which is also my favorite is the Selective Focus!
This is something I look for when I'm buying my digital camera and I'm surprised they have this in a phone camera now! Really WOW! Basically, it creates a professional looking image with shallow DOF, keeping the main subject of the photo in focus while blurring out the background. You can also edit the picture after capturing it, changing it from nearfocus to far focus and pan focus!

Pretty damn impressive isn't it???
It looks fresh off a semi-pro camera!

So, that's for the camera function.


Now, I'm sure that's not enough for you to buy a phone just yet.
How about a phone that's water and dust RESISTANT??
Don't believe me?

Yup, I poured water ON my phone!!! Still not convinced?
It's ok.

I dipped my GALAXY S5 LTE into a jug of water so I'm definitely not lying, cos it's my phone we're talking about!
I was honestly very apprehensive about it and was damn scared it would spoil after the dip but phone is still alive and kicking now!

When used with approved Samsung back covers and with the multipurpose jack closed tightly, the rubber-sealed design helps to keep dust particles out and protect against harmful ingress of water for up to 30 minutes of submergence at a depth of 1 metre. Equipped with a water resistant earphone jack, the GALAXY S5 LTE frees you to use earphones above water when the phone is wet or in water.


I don't know about you but my battery life always doesn't last me one entire day. I think it's cos I'm constantly on Instagram and whatsapp + I transfer photos from my camera to my phone a lot. And it's absolutely annoying when my phone dies, especially when I'm on a long bus ride home or when I need to make urgent calls. So Ultra Power Saving Mode is a life saver!!!

The Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the display of the GALAXY S5 LTE into greyscale and shuts down all unnecessary features to dramatically minimise battery consumption. It can even last up to 30 hours of standby time with just 10% remaining battery life. In this mode, only essential features are enabled by default such as Calls, SMS and Internet Browser. You can also add 3 more apps of your choice in this mode, i.e Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Calculator.


Think fingerprint! Fast and uncompromising!

The GALAXY S5 LTE comes with a fingerprint sensor which performs these functions :

1. Unlock the lock screen
2. Unlock Private Mode, a section of the phone that's kept private and hidden.

Here's an example of my private media folder! Good for those with lots of confidential and personal content ^^

3. Pay on PayPal via Fingerprint Authentication

I think this is the coolest and I love it cos I use PayPal quite a lot when I shop online. How convenient. Just swipe your finger, don't need to key in anything. Shopaholics can get lost in this hahaha.

Here's how you set it up :

Go to Settings.

Click on "Login Options"

Enable fingerprint login! You will also need to download "FIDO READY" app which will be prompted.


Ok this is a pretty cool function cos I've never seen anything like this before in other phone. Basically, Download Booster is an innovative Wi-Fi + 4G technology that boost data speed for concurrent download of large file of more than 30MB. With that, you can download content up to THREE TIMES faster compared to when using either 4G or Wi-Fi only!

Just gotta enable it (the one in red)!


Samsung GALAXY Life offers exclusive discounts and offers to GALAXY users. It ranges from restaurant discounts to gym trials to body massage offers! Super awesome, and I'm a sucker for such offers haha.

Signed in with my dad's account (hence the user says David) and I redeemed this 30% off for him to go pamper himself at Marriott Cafe! They got so many other exciting and tempting offers I spent such a long time scrolling through hehe.

Other than GALAXY Life which is a lifestyle app, GALAXY Gifts (worth US$500) lets you download awesome and practical apps for FREE! Some of them are really useful especially fitness addicts. They have apps like Lark and RunKeeper which act like a personal trainer and advisor on how to work out more efficiently.

Speaking of which, there are two particular app/functions I want to point out to fitness and health enthusiast.
It's the S Health app and Heart Rate Sensor! The S Health app simply helps you to set fitness goals and calorie intake. By using the pedometer and exercise modes, it's able to track your physical activities and calories intake. The heart rate sensor present at the back of your Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE helps to measure your heart rate. I've tried that out with my family members and it seems like mine's the fastest. Maybe cos I'm the youngest? Hahaha.

But I can't wait to try the S Health app since I'm starting my pilates classes tomorrow. Will share them with you the next Samsung post k! Stay tuned (:

In the meantime, If any of you are already keen on getting this baby, don’t miss out on this chance!!

Promotion at Samsung Experience Stores:

1) Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract
- Trade in current smartphone or tablet and get an additional $50 overtrade. (Limited Time only!)
- FREE 16GB micro SD card (worth $26) on a while stocks last basis

2) Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB without contract and receive
- FREE Wireless Charging Kit (worth $108) on a while stocks last basis
- Battery Pack (worth $88) on a while stocks last basis

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