Saturday, 14 June 2014

Cure for Hover Finger!

Remember my previous post on my disorder, Hover Finger? You can read it here if you haven't.
I took a survey and it confirmed I suffer from the disorder :(


You can also check if you suffer the same disorder here -->

Don't worry if you suffer from it though, cos I've found the cure for it and it's none other than....VISA!
In this modern world, you are bound to buy something online and this fear/disorder shouldn't stop you. You just gotta know how to shop online in a safe and secure fashion!

The safest and surest way is to shop with Visa cos you're protected everywhere by its security features. 
Here's why you can shop and pay with confidence with Visa:

Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to book an air ticket to Bangkok on an unfamiliar website in the previous post? Now, guess who scooted off eventually thanks to Visa :D I eventually bought my air ticket after learning that I'm being protected by Visa!

Visit to find out more!

I am a Visa #HoverFinger #ProtectedEverywhere influencer.

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