Sunday, 22 June 2014


I'm gonna introduce y'all to Dazzle Me Lens today, the place I've been buying my colored lens for the past year!

I always get questions about my colored contact lens on my instagram, blog and askfm(when I was still active hehe). For those who have been reading my blog for a long time, you would know that I don't like super fancy contact lenses or those that enlarge my pupils a lot. I like them natural and brown!

Cocoro Brown

This is my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME! I've been wearing Cocoro Brown for a year or more and I always buy at least 2-3 pairs at one time. It's very natural looking yet it gives my eyes the extra oomph! Most importantly, it doesn't have that thick black outer ring which makes my eyes look fake and over the top.

Little Glamourous Gray

Gray is another color that I won't mind wearing besides brown. Very safe and dolly color! 

Little Glamourous Brown

This is the brown under the "Little Glamourous" range. They all have the slight fiery dimensions to it which really make the eyes pop!

Orchid Honey

I really like the color of this pair!!! It really has a tinge of yellowish honey color to it, very mild and girly.

VistaPlus Brown

This has got to be my second favorite among the lot! It has these pretty swirls around it which really add volume to my pupils. 

 Lily 4tone (Jewel 4tone, brown)

This to me is a bit more contrasting than the rest hence it's my least favorite. However, if you're the kind who likes your colored lens obvious then this is perfect for you! :D

I like how colored lens instantly add definition to my eyes and make them nicer! 
I'm not saying all these good things just because I'm sponsored but because I've been wearing these lens for more than a year already and I like them. Been a paying customer for the past year until they approached me recently!

These colored contact lens are from Thailand, DAZZLE ME LENS!! So far, I haven't encountered any problem from wearing their lenses so don't worry. Besides, the shop owner's dad is an ophthalmologist who confirmed that the lens are safe to wear. Not only that, all their contact lens are safely imported from South Korea and have certificates from KFDA!

They provide super fast delivery service to Singapore and all models are available from 00 degree to 1.00 power!


1 pair - 230 baht (~9.2 SG$)

2 pairs, 200 baht each (~8 SG$ each)
3 pairs, 180 baht each (~7.2 SG$ each)
5 pairs, 170 baht each (~6.8 SG$ each)
10 pairs, 160 baht each (~6.4 SG$ each)
**1 SG$ is approximately 25 baht

Shipping ranges from SGD$10 to SGD$22 so it's more worth it if you buy more to spread out the cost!

Quote 'sophialens' for a FREE cute lens casing!


Line ID: pan0802, nawisa
Facebook message:
Instagram: @dazzlemelens
Alternatively, you can find their shop in Bangkok (:
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor, Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Go ahead and be pretty now!
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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