Thursday, 9 January 2014


Just a casual outfit I put together to wear my new sneakers. Such a steal, how I love end year sale! Might bring this new pair of babies to HK with me!

An effortlessly chic outfit for lunch with Frans and errand day! Thick woolen tribal sweater from Ninthstore. Will be talking about it again soon!
Finally wore my strapped heels out after buying them for a year. Didn't wear it out previously cos Daniel told me it looks very aunty-ish, BUT whuttttt, it doesn't at all! What was I thinking listening to guys' opinion on female shoes hahaha.

Chilling at Donna's new shop, Select Store at 74 Sultan Gate!
Love the Supreme cap and arm loose tank top. It's actually for guys but whatevs, makes it hotter on a girl ^^

What I typically wear on days I don't wna dress up/just running errands/no mood to take ootds. I'll just slip on a maxi, or some shorts with loose t-shirt or tank top and sandals! Spent the day shopping for wintery accessories for my HK trip!

Not much of an outfit here but just showing you guys my glasses! L o v e it. 
Probably gonna be my school look when my classes illegitimately start.

Lemme know how y'all feel about this post and if I should post more of such outfit posts (:

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