Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 resolution and f**k it list!


It's the second day of 2014 and I'm already feeling positive energy!

New year's resolution???

1. Exercise more
I should really start for fitness and for my own health's sake, also because Daniel got me running shoes and I really shouldn't waste them hahaha.

2. Go to church more frequently
I just gotta get over my "not a morning person" thing.

3. Read tons of books
Previously I had very little time to do more leisure things cos of school and TJM but things are going for a slight change this year so I'll have more time for myself. BOOKS COME TO MAMA.

4. Eat healthy aka less salt
My salt intake is pretty damn cray especially with my fries and edamame. It's really unhealthy and it's high time I cut down.

5. Travel more!! DUH.

6. Party hard but lesser
Quality over quantity if yknow what I mean. 

7. Better skin, lesser make up
People deck up more make up as they get older but I kinda wna do otherwise? Maybe cos I started using make up at a relatively young age so I'm kinda over it already? I mean I still wna doll up and look good but at the same time I'm kinda liking the "minimal" look now more. Besides, my complexion has been improving for the past 6 months so I wna try to achieve better skin and cut down on make up (: Don't worry I'll still do make up tutorials!

8. Let down my pride when I need to
I'm someone with a lot of pride for a girl and it's hard for me to say sorry unless I'm blatantly wrong, WHICH IS REALLY BAD. Not so much with friends, but more with Daniel. It's damn hard for me to swallow my pride to say sorry, so imma work on that from now on!

9. Work harder and earn more money
I've got big plans for JUICESEA in 2014 so let's hope they materialize. 

10. Stay grounded
I think these are reminders we should give ourselves from time to time. I don't want fame/money or anything along the line to get on me so here's another year of staying grounded and real. There's a fine line between working hard for something and crossing the line to achieve something (:

Well, as positive and exciting new year resolutions can sound, more often than not they are hard to achieve. 

So here's a list of 
"2014 f**k it list" 

1. The fake and negative friends
I think I've lived and mingled long enough to differentiate between real friends and "destructive friends". And I'm pretty much done telling myself, "deep down they are nice, they just got a little flaw here and there" or "I may have heard lots of shit about them but they might just be false after all, and I won't believe till it happens to me personally". WELL SCREW THAT. Because when it happens to me, I might get hurt and take a long time to heal. And my friends are gonna tell me, "I told you so. You didn't wna listen.". EVERYONE is nice, but if the person chooses not to do anything to earn your trust and respect, don't give something so precious away so easily either. And for negative or destructive friends? Nah-ah, life is too short (and complex enough) to let another unworthy person to come and jeopardize or sadden it. 

2.  Drugs and ciggs
Never touched it and don't ever want to. 2014, I'm still gonna be firm on my stand. Why start on something out of curiosity when you know it's gonna bring you more harm than happiness? You know one day you're gonna regret it, just one fine day. And curiosity kills the cat. Plus I can buy more ice cream and donuts with those money.

3. Sleeping late
I'm such a victim on this. I sleep at 5 am every night (morning rather) and wake up at 2pm. IT'S SO FREAKING UNHEALTHY. And I really love waking up early, it's such a great feeling. So f**k late nights, I'm gonna try sleeping early and waking up early now. Anyone wants to help? 

Ok I think that's all on my list now. 
Gonna blog about my eyebrows next, please don't kill me I know it's overdue :/

Lastly, wishing you girls a happy 2014! Let me know what's on your "F**k it list" :D

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