Saturday, 4 January 2014


So recently I've gotten a new set of brows. A lot of people like it but most importantly, I LOVE IT!!!

Before I start, I just wanna clear up some confusion.

The previous time I did my brow embroidery was at #1 salon located at Bishan, and it was done by Amy. I no longer go there anymore and am now doing 3D eyebrow at a new place called Amy Beauty Link International located at Far East Plaza. They are 2 different shops!

A little about Amy Beauty Link International before I get started on my brows.

This is how the shop front looks like. Do not be deceived by its old exterior but instead think of it this way : they have been around for about 11 years and most definitely very experienced and professional. Before I started on my 3D shaping, they explained to me the difference between 3D brows and embroidery and why 3D is better. Also, they laid me down on a comfortable bed to trim my brows and drew them to show me how it should look after the entire process. I was very picky so I had them re-draw a couple of times but they didn't seem impatient at all. I like how I don't feel pressured to just accept the brows they drew (: 

Many celebrities and a couple of bloggers actually go to Amy Beauty too. Not forgetting MANY magazine cut outs all over their front desk (:

You can see how popular they are! Even Zoe Tay(!!!) went there, hahaha I can haz same brows as Zoe Tay!

Here are pictures of my 3D brows!


If you look carefully, there's an illusion of hair strokes instead of just coloring. 
That's the difference between embroidery and 3D. Embroidery is simply coloring and darkening the brows whereas 3D creates illusion of strokes of hair making it look more natural. It doesn't look like tattoo or like I just smack a tin of ink on my brows. You can choose how dark/light you want it to be also. Totally awesome! 


I don't fill in my brows much after I got them done (the 3D way) cos it's already pretty dark before make up. It's like a quick 15 seconds affair filling them in now (: In fact, I go out pretty often even without my brows drawn cos there's really not much diff before and after filling them. 

If you realize, my brows are slightly arched. It's on purpose cos I don't like it the overly straight korean brows so I asked for arched brows. It's more feminine imo.

Amy (the boss) also gave me some gel to apply on my brows for it to peel evenly during the first week. You can purchase these at the shop!

I'll be going back in 2 weeks' time to touch up so it's a bit darker. My dad will also be doing 3D brows there and I'm so excited to see the results! Very sure they will do a good job. 
Doing 3D brows is really one of the best decisions I've made in 2013. YAY TO EVEN NICER BROWS. 
I used to get comments like "why your eyebrow so sparse" when I was younger, and now I get so many good feedback that I have very nice brows so THANK YOU AMY BEAUTY LINK INTERNATIONAL <3 Lots of love for you!!! I have also started do my eyelash extensions there but I lost the photos I took previously so I'll blog about it when I go do again!

I'm sure many of you girls are itching to do your brows now so here are some awesome discounts I've gotten for my readers!


U.P $450
My readers pay : $398 (with a complimentary touch up)


Single lashes : $90 - $150
3 lashes to 1 : $80 - $120

My readers get 10% off


One full session : $198
Touch up : $30

Quote my name when booking appointment to enjoy the discounts for 3D embroidery and eyelash extensions! I highly recommend you to do 3D! Pain level is 2/10, and it only started getting slightly painful when the whole process was ending. Definitely bearable! GO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! Have nice brows for 2014 ;)

Far East Plaza
Tel : 67382180

Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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