Thursday, 3 July 2014

My detox journey : Joob

As we get older, it's important to live well and be healthy. I'm super lazy to exercise and I eat lots of unhealthy food cos I snack a lot. But I've been trying to live healthily of late by going for pilates, gymming with Daniel and detoxing once in awhile. So I'm gonna share with y'all my 3 days detox journey. Hopefully y'all will try it out as well cos I really saw a difference!

So I signed up for a 3 day detox program at They have 1-5 days programs, depending on what you want. 3 days program's the most popular one!
I chose Joob because it's 100% organic, fresh, cold-pressed juice. It uses the best juicer to ensure maximum nutrients are extracted.

My juices came in a cooling box to preserve the freshness. So thoughtful and convenient! 

So that's 6 bottles for one day of detox! 18 for 3 days. I know I know, it sounds a lot and intimidating but just think of a flatter stomach of 3 days of detoxing (: Besides if you're a fruit/vege lover, you're gonna enjoy drinking these!

So basically, I had to abstain from alcohol, coffee and have plenty of rest pre-detox. On the day of detox, I just had to drink the juices according to the number sequence every 2-3 hours. It's suppose to replace my solid meals, and I have to keep myself hydrated with water in between each bottles. 

List of ingredients in each bottle pasted at the back.

Bottle 1 : Apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, lemon
Bottle 2 : Orange, pineapple, cucumber and mint
Bottle 3 : Apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, lemon
Bottle 4 : Lemon, agave, filtered water, cayenne pepper
Bottle 5 : Carrot, pear, beetroot, ginger, lemon
Bottle 6 : Cashew nut, agave, vanilla extract, H2O

I have to admit it wasn't easy at all. Some of it tasted too vege-ish to me but still manageable. My favorite has to be no.4 though, it tastes like lime juice! And, I had a lot of food cravings during the detox program. Like I was craving for mixed rice and fries on day 1, and....durian on day 2 hahaha! It was tough curbing these cravings but I did it anyways and completed my 3 days detox program.

In the process of it, I pooped a lot and had pimple breakouts which were ways of my body releasing toxins. Not everyone has the same way of detoxing, some has runny nose or fart a lot. It differs! But I really do see a difference in my tummy! It became flatter after all the pooping. Also, I can sleep better and earlier now which is AWESOME. 

Here are benefits from detoxing :

I would definitely do it again, maybe once every 3-6 months? It certainly feels good to let out all the toxins in my body.

Choose Joob if you wanna try detoxing! They do home deliveries if you have no time to pick up from their shop.

Address : 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row, #01-43, Singapore 048660 (nearby train stations are Telok Ayer, Chinatown and Raffles Place)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

You can also order online here >

Thank you Joob for making me healthier (:

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