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BALI DAY 1 & 2!

Hi, I'm so excited to blog about Bali cos it was such a good long break from Singapore and I love Bali hehe. So happy to be back after 2 long years! The last time I went was a Gushcloud bloggers trip which you can read here and here
It's really great that Bali is only 2.5 hours away from Singapore, and it's filled with...Aussies. LOL. I love Aussie boys they are so cool and good-looking slurppppsss~~ 

SO, it was kinda like a 1/4 work 3/4 play trip with Daniel. We went there to shoot for JUICESEA upcoming launch (which I'll reveal really soon!!!) and spent the rest of the days chilling and exploring a little. Bali is sooooo big I wish I had more time to explore. 

We flew by Jetstar Asia cos we managed to get a good deal a month before the trip. Paid $120 per person after tax for a 5 day trip, but paid additional $87 two weeks later to extend it for another 2 days. Glad we did that cos 5 days wouldn't have been enough. 
Our flight to Bali was at 10.40am and landed at about 1.30pm. By the time we picked up our luggage (which was a nightmare cos they put 3 flights' worth of baggages on one small conveyor belt and I swear we were all sandwiched between eager tourists), squeezed through the crowd in the airport to find our hotel driver, we reached the hotel at 3.30pm?

The drive from the airport to our hotel in Legian was barely 20 mins without jam so it was all good. 


We stayed in 3 different hotels and villas this trip but I'll just talk about the first hotel we stayed in first (: We stayed in Ossotel for the first 2 nights, which is located right in front of Legian beach. There's direct access from the hotel to the beach and the hotel has its own deckchairs and towels provided at the beach. So convenient and awesome, cos you have to pay to use the deckchairs in Bali!

Ossotel Legian Hotel is a boutique lifestyle hotel suited for the beach lovers who are on a budget. Ossotel is approximately $100/night per room which is really very reasonable for a hotel located on the beach, with breakfast provided. 

Long stretch of pool. You can pay a bit more for the ground floor pool access rooms but Daniel and I prefer the ones on the upper floor cos it has more privacy.

Quaint hotel lobby. Love the zebra carpet!!!

The street outside our hotel. There were 2 convenience stores, massage parlours and some indonesian bars. 

Airport outfit and my tired face. Love my new denim jacket from Topshop!

I quite like the whole peekaboo frosted glass for the toilet. 

Toilet amenities. I love the toothpaste that aunty me brought home some wahahaha.

Our balcony which Daniel spent 1/4 of his time at.

And the really nice hotel restaurant/bar. 

It's a pretty nice quaint boutique hotel so do consider it if you're looking for something budget and has direct access to the beach!

After check-in, we headed out for a quick lunch and checked out Legian beach. Just in time for sunset (:

Love this picture!

Daniel's friends happened to be in Bali as well so we met them for dinner. Tried out the famous Made's Warung and I was pleased (: Ordered Nasi Campur which is a indonesian version of our chinese mixed rice. Soooo yummy and it's very reasonably priced!

Made's Warung
Br. Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Chilled at our friend's villa for awhile and had an early night. 


Second day was spent at Waterbom themepark which I was pretty excited about but hotel breakfast first!

Free flow bread and fruits!

Breakfast menu!

I love hotel breakfast. There's just something so magical about it ^^

All the above day 2 pictures were taken with my new camera, Sony QX100, which I will further talk about soon. But don't you just love the image quality already??

Off we went to waterbom (lol typed photobomb initially) theme park! It's a water theme park and it's HUGE! And their rides are pretty amazing. Entrance fee is USD$33 which is about SGD$42. It's a little pricey but it's worth it cos they have a wide variety of rides. You'd probably need 4-5 hours to complete all the rides. There are also lockers for rent in the themepark for you to dump your bags. They operate with a cashless system so it's really convenient!
Remember to bring your own towels!

That's all the pictures we took before we left off to play. 

I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would BUT it isn't because the rides weren't fun. It was really breezy that day and I was freezing the whole time so I couldn't really enjoy it. Not gonna wear a full piece swimsuit to water parks next time cos the wetness sticks onto your whole body. Really wish I didn't feel that cold so I could fully enjoy the rides. Would love to go back there again!

Waterbom Bali

Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
+62 361 755676


We left around 4ish and took a slow walk to Kuta beach. Kuta beach is the main beach in Bali, also known as the surfer's beach.

More beach photos (:

Sat down on the beach to watch the sunset and long talks with Daniel. Wish I could replay it now.

After that, we took a cab back to wash up and headed to Seminyak main area for dinner! Cabs there are pretty cheap anyways. Most of our cab fares are around $2-$4!

Streets of Seminyak at night

Ate at Cafe Bali which was pretty average. Explored around Seminyak a bit and headed back to sleep hehe. Will be back with day 3 and 4 soon!

Prior to my Bali trip, I had my eyelash extension done at the trusty Amy Beauty Link where I had my brow embroidery done as well. I love working with Amy cos she's super nice. Until today, I'm still very happy especially with brow embroidery. 

Here are some after pics!

I wanted something more obvious and sturdy to withstand the wind and waves in Bali so I asked for a mixed instead of my usual single lash extensions. This time I mixed both single lashes and 3-in-1 lashes! It's a bit uncomfortable for the first few days but I got used to it after 2 days? The good part about mixed lashes is that it doesn't look too over the top and it lasts longer as well.


Single lash extension - $90 (U.P. $120)
Cluster - $68 (U.P. $80)

Quote my name when booking appointment to enjoy the above discounts! 
I can't live without lash extensions hehe. 

AMY Beauty-Link International

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza

Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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