Wednesday, 30 July 2014

DASH - My wardrobe #needsanupdate

So I got introduced to this app called Dash that literally transforms my mobile phone into an ATM (or even better I would say). 
Anyways, I was very apprehensive about it initially. My first thoughts were: "Not another complicated app that takes a thousand years to learn which simplifies maybe just one trivial issue in my life." 
But, boy was I wrong! 

1. Perpetually have no cash on you and always have to borrow from friends for dinner first?
2. Your bag is so messy and you have to dig like crazy for your wallet at the cashier? Or worse, when there's a long queue behind you....URGH
3. Your phone is always in your hand?
4. Have tons of unnecessary receipts in your wallet?

If you're any of the above, all the more you MUST read on.
I'm guilty as charged for all of the above!

Dash is basically a phone application that works just like a wallet/ATM, except it's BETTER. 
Created by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank, Dash allows you to :

1) Pay friends with a swipe from mobile to mobile, or choose from your contacts.
2) Transfer money from your savings account for instant use.
3) Pay at participating merchants like Topshop, KOI, Watsons and Comfort Taxis
3) Pay utility or credit card bills on-the-go.

I'm someone who doesn't carry much cash with me so my friends gotta keep paying for me first during dinners and I always feel so bad. But with Dash, I can pay/transfer them immediately on the spot with just one swipe.
No more finding and walking to the ATMs! 

Also, I usually carry big roomy bags which means I always have to rummage through the mess to find my wallet which I really HATE. It's so troublesome cos I've dropped and lost so many things because of the rummaging. And I hate it when the cashier gives me tons of coins back.

With Dash, there's no need for rummaging and lugging home a wallet full of coins. In fact, it's almost hassle-free cos my phone is ALWAYS in my hand, and there is no change required.
I could totally get used to this (:

And because I really, really, really love paying with Dash(HONESTLY!), I've been shopping more hehe.
Here are my purchases from Topshop and Miss Selfridge recently!

La vie boheme top, loafers and black bag - TOPSHOP SG

Black dress - MISS SELFRIDGE

New favorite denim jacket - TOPSHOP SG!

As if it wasn't enough, I just went shopping again 2 days ago 'cos I really really love paying by Dash and 'cos Topshop was having a whooping 70% off say whut!!!
So easy and hassle-free! I don't even need to bring my wallet out!

Was so thirsty and tired after shopping I needed some perk me up drink. Well, let me Dash it up at KOI!

Happy gurls with their Dash purchases~~~

Wearing some Maybelline make up which I bought from Watsons with Dash as well. 

Okay, are you ready for the best part now?

So I forgot to bring my wallet out yesterday and only realized it when I was in the cab. I really panicked for a good 15 minutes before noticing the Dash logo on the cab window. I was super happy 'cos if not for Dash, I'd probably have to help the uncle to wash his taxi to pay off my fare. So thankfully, I could pay by Dash!

Super happy that I can even pay for cabs using Dash!!

Na give you proof! Totally not making this up!

So now are you as sold as I am on Dash already?

 With Dash, there's no more awkward situations of not having enough cash on you or having the cashier stare you down for rummaging that bag of yours for $2. Also, no more running to the ATMs and you can even collect your poker/mahjong earnings on the spot. 

Dash is currently still expanding but the list of participating merchants is already so enticing. I can't imagine how awesome it would be in future.

Maybe I can even pay for drinks at Zouk next time with Dash so I don't even need to carry a bag to party!

Some of my favorite participating merchants :

1. Adidas
2. Comfort Delgro Taxi, Prime Taxi, SMRT Taxi
3. KFC
4. KOI
5. IT
6. Miss Selfridge
7. Topshop
8. Watsons

Sign up for Dash here for free -> and get $10 accredited into your account immediately!

*Free cab ride just like that woohoo*


Trust me, it won't disappoint (:

YouTube:  DashSingapore
Instagram: #needsanupdate
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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