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Bali Day 3 & 4 {Potato Head Beach Club + Surfing}

I'm back with Bali part 2 and it's gonna be pretty long as well so be prepared and enjoy it (:

Day 2

Day 2 morning saw us waking up for the first #juicesea shoot at our hotel pool, Ossotel! Some BTS shots

And here are some of the shots we got for JUICESEA!

Had our breakfast by the pool then checked out of Ossotel! Was super excited for my next hotel cos it's a villa and also it looked damn nice in pictures.

Chilled at the hotel's restaurant bar for a bit while waiting for our hotel pick up (:

Photos taken with my new Sony camera, which I will blog about this month!

So I finally reached my second accommodation, Nyuh Bali Villa, which is also Daniel's and my favorite one!


Walkway to our room!

Private pool in our villa and an outdoor rain shower! Such bliss!

My favorite part of the villa? THE HUGEASS BATHROOM!!!

The bathroom is huge, almost the size of our room and I just love being in the bathroom hahaha. The toilet bowl is placed outdoor as well.

Then there's our comfy bedroom which is relatively spacious!

They have mosquito coil and repellent in the room so there aren't a lot of mosquitoes. Some nights we would even open all the doors to sleep cos it's just so nice to be sleeping next to the pool (: I really love the entire villa cos it's extremely cosy and lush.

Here's a short clip of the room (:

I'd strongly recommend Nyuh Bali Villa to anyone going to Bali! It's about $250/per night. It's a little expensive but it's really worth it and you gotta splurge on hotels when you're on a beach vacation! The entire stay was just so wholesome and wonderful, and the customer service was top-notched! It also comes with complimentary breakfast which you can choose to have it sent to the room so you can eat by your private pool. The nasi goreng there is soooo good hehe.

They provide BBQ and candlelight dinner in the room as well! Do consider it ok? (: Rly very very nice!

Nyuh Bali Villa
Jalan Bali Deli No.99, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Wasted no time and headed out to Potato Head Beach Club. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Nyuh Bali for helping me make the reservation and for providing complimentary shuttle service to almost everywhere we went.

They provide free shuttle service to Seminyak area so it's really convenient!

Were you very tired Daniel? Hahah

Love the food at Potato Head! Yall must go there if you're heading to Bali!

Potato Head Beach Club
Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali 83061, Indonesia

Bahaha wanted to take a picture of the pool overlooking the beach but managed to snap 2 other (actually, make it one haha) hot aussies as well ^^

Managed to catch the beautiful sunset at the pool before heading back to the hotel.

It was already dark when we headed back to shower for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to see the villa at night! 

Some drinks before snoozing!

Day 4

We didn't manage to do much on our 4th day except for taking up surfing lesson which was GREAT! It was the highlight of my trip and I've found my new favorite watersport. I've tried almost every watersport from parasailing to jetskiing to helmet diving etc etc but surfing is definitely the best! It's a bit hard to master at first but once you get the hang of it, it's super fun in a challenging way.

Sadly I don't have any pictures/videos of me surfing successfully. Someone send me to Aussie please? I really wanna learn surfing properly! And also cos I wanna go Australia for the food, shopping and beach la hahah.

The sea is my best friend (:

Ended the day with dinner outside (:
I know there aren't many nice photos for day 3 and 4 but I promise you day 5 and 6 will be worth it! Will be blogging and revealing about the super nice pristine beach I went (posted it on IG).

Meanwhile, I'm launching JUICESEA PART II this Friday! 

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. Hi Sophia! Chance upon your blog when I am researching about Bali as I will be visiting this dec. Can I check how much did you spend on the surfing lesson?