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It's been almost 2 months since I got back from Bali and I'm missing it already. Always a #beachgirl!
So on the 5th day of our one week trip, we moved to the last and final villa, Samaja Villas, for the stay. It was just 3 mins drive away from Nyuh Bali Villa (:

Breakfast area!

The room wasn't ready so they offered us complimentary balinese massage for an hour. Talk about good service (: The massage was sooooo comfortable and therapeutic. Felt heavenly compared to the shitty one we did the night before at some roadside shop.

Checked into our villa after the glorious massage!

Our courtyard/dining area where we had our meals and chilled the night away watching TV.

Bathroom which has direct access to our private pool. I'mma make my future house like that!

The villa was very clean and spacious, and the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful!
You can check it out here ->

Wasted no time and headed out to Legian beach to surf! :D

This time we rented our own surfboards and did it without an instructor. We paid around $30SGD for unlimited hours of board usage, pretty decent!

Lol looking like a Balinese man?

It was super fulfilling to master a new watersport and I really LOVE surfing. Can't wait to get my hands on it again. It's actually quite hard to master it but I love challenging myself.
Was super tired after surfing for like 3 hours and we headed back to the room for some room service dinner.

I love my mee soto!

Corridor to our villa unit(:

Had an early night and woke up early the next day! Was super excited cos we were gonna visit this "secret beach" in Bali which was...absolutely perfectttt!
Brekkie first!

We hired a driver through the hotel and we paid approximately $50SGD for the entire day. Basically, you can pick the places you wanna go or you could ask the driver to bring you around based on his recommendations. We decided hiring a driver was better than cabbing cos the "secret beach" was pretty far away from where we were and it would have been quite expensive and troublesome to get a cab.

After a 40 mins drive, we finally reached Uluwatu Finn's Beach Club! Finn's beach club is the cheaper alternative to the uber luxurious Karma beach club. It's still super nice nonetheless. We had to pay $25SGD per person for entry fee. $15 could be used for restaurant credit so technically, the entrance fee was just $10.

Coral nails by Charme at Far East Plaza!

Selfie with my boo

So we had to take an inclinator down to the beach where the beach club's at and it was very nice seeing the view from the top.

No idea what this fool was doing hahah

The beach was too nice to not spam pictures heh

Daniel just asked me last night if I wna go for another beach vacation in November hahah.

Karma beach is definitely my favorite beach in Bali so far and honestly I hate to share it here where the secret location is cos not a lot of people know about it hence it's a lot less crowded than other beaches, which is what I love. But I guess sharing is caring so visit Karma beach if you do visit Bali!
I still prefer Boracay beaches to Bali's though.

After spending our afternoon there, we headed to Padang beach for a more local experience. Coincidentally, there was a Ripcurl surfing competiton going on!

Wanted to try the famous Naughty Nuri's pork ribs for dinner but the queue was massive so we went to Wahaha pork ribs instead which is pretty famous as well.

Yummy pork chop! Daniel and I loved it!
Had a restful night and flew back to Singapore the next morning.

Super thankful that this trip happened cos it was a good respite from all the heavy workload in Singapore. And it was timely since Daniel started work a week after we were back. I'll always love the beach for its infinite border and calmness from the waters. Thank you for the beautiful accommodations. I'll definitely return again (: And most importantly, thank you Daniel for being there. You're my favorite travel companion.

One week wasn't enough cos we wanted to explore more places at the outskirt so...BRB, Bali.

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