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TRINITY : Dysport & ST Aqua facial

A month ago, I took a leap of faith and after what say almost a year of consideration, I decided to try Dysport at Trinity Medical Centre. Dysport, a cheaper alternative to Botox, is an injection containing Botulinum toxin type A which causes a temporary reduction to muscle activity. Basically, it's to give me a softer jaw line.

Why did I do it?

I'm not someone very big on aesthetic enhancement. You can call me conservative or whatever but I really do think imperfections make perfection. And also I think society has set a universal standard of pretty that it makes everyone want to achieve the same features altogether. It kills uniqueness.
So, why did I of all people do it?

It's not that I think I got no flaws. I do, a lot. But they aren't bad (for now) enough a reason for me to undergo a surgery or do fillers. I wouldn't do anything if I could but my jawlines in TJM photos were driving me crazy. I'm born with a broader jawline and it's fine, but it's particularly prominent in TJM photos only. I don't understand why honestly. It only appears extra broad in studio photoshoot pictures -.- normal pictures are fine.
And it's damn important that I, as the face of TJM to look best and bring out the best of TJM (I don't know how to use photoshop so I can't liquify). Therefore, after much hesitation, I decided to try out Dysport to see if it solves my problem. Another reason why I was willing to try is cos it's non-invasive and the result lasts for only about 3 months. Then I can decide if I wanna do it again. 

Here are before and after dysport pictures.
I've used TJM photoshoot pics so you know what I'm talking about.
 (After picture taken 2 weeks after injection)
Front view

The difference is quite subtle for front view and that's great cos I didn't want anything too extreme.

 (After picture taken 2 weeks after injection)
Side view

The side profile difference is very big! Can you tell my "after face" is way more defined?
And best part? Sales for TJM in May (the month I did dysport) was sooooo much better than other previous months. See, customers might be buying clothes but sometimes it's also the face that's selling it.

It takes about 1 month for the full result to show and you can tell from my selfies that my face indeed look more defined and I now have a softer jawline.


I like that the result/difference is very subtle and not over the top. I still look like myself, just with softer jawlines which make me look more feminine. Numbing cream was applied before jab so pain level was 2 out of 10? Downtime was just a bit of bruising for 2-3 days. Not sure if I would do again cos I'mma go learn photoshop from Donna so I might not need dysport for now. But for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to Botox, you can try out Dysport at Trinity Medical Centre.

I get my facial and laser treatments done there as well so there are a whole lot of treatments you can do other than dysport or fillers! 

Speaking of facial, I just did Aqua ST treatment a few weeks back and I love it! My skin feels so supple and hydrated till now, and it keeps blemishes from coming back. You can read more about it here.

Hope you enjoyed my honest take on Dysport (:

Trinity Medical Centre
87 Marine Parade Central (Beside Parkway Parade)
Level 2, #02-500A
Singapore 440087
Tel : 6344 0027


Digressing a bit, I just wanna recommend this yong tau foo stall to you girls!

Fried beancurd skin slurpssss~~~

It doesn't really look very appealing in photos but it's really nice! It's very near Daniel's house and I got hooked onto it the first time I tried it 5 years ago! The gravy is soooo good! It's hakka ampang yong tau foo so it's different from the usual soupy kind. There are two ampang yong tau foo stalls, make sure you go to the right one! It's in the smaller shop sharing the space with a chicken rice stall.

Ngee Fou restaurant, 928 upper thomson road. 

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  1. Hey Sophia. I'm thinking of heading down to Trinity after reading your review on Dysport. May I know roughly how much did you spend on it? Your reply would be of great help to me, hope to hear from you, thanks :)