Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi girls, I'm gonna be introducing another blogshop to y'all today!

First and foremost, I got to say they are really generous and provide great customer service. I picked two items but one of it looks different from the pictures so they sent me 4 other accessories for free to make it up to me. So the blogshop that I'm talking about is none other than.....

Shopcosmicloset aims to provide you with a wide variety of items, from clothing to accessories such as bags, shoes & cellphone casings. They started out because of their love for shopping, & having an online store catering to all you shopaholics out there provides them a legit excuse to shop even more & source for the best items, just for you! 

Here are all the items they sent to me! 6 items altogether!!!

Not sure if y'all noticed, but my Juicy Couture iphone case is damn cui already cos I drop my phone almost everyday, so I was really happy when I saw the pink iphone case!

Studs on pink is like grunge on girl!

And this super sweet handmade weaved bracelet by them! I like the fact that it's handmade!! Matched it with an upcoming bracelet in TJM to "lady-fy" my arm swag a bit.

It goes with my pink lipstick doesn't it?

My favorite : maxi dress!!
Y'all should know I have a strong liking for maxi dresses and I think this piece is extremely nice! And they sell the beanie that's so popular right now!

The front of the dress looks pretty normal right? But look at the back!

Yup it's a bare back maxi, how pretty!! They have it in grey also which I had a hard time deciding between both colours.

Besides female's apparel, they bring in male's too and the range is pretty extensive. My pick under male's section would be this..

They are currently doing preorders/sprees but will be also shifting to blogshop focus (means having instock items) at the end of Dec/Jan 2013, apparel & accessories for men & ladies! 
Currently also have preorder apparel for men, accessories for cellphones e.g. iphone5 as well.

You can also follow them on instagram : @shopcosmicloset



Weekends always have to pass so fast :/ cherish all my weekends with Daniel ever since he enlisted into army. 

Went to his place on Friday night!

Plain white tee - Cotton On
Camo pants, bracelet and shades - coming up in TJM soon
Studded loafers - TJM 
Furry sling bag - H&M Bangkok

Bought Daniel tiramisu in a jar after my shoot on Thursday! :D Not really very nice, I think I can bake better hehe

Headed to Cine to watch Ah boys to men... and it was quite funny? But I don't like it that there wasn't an ending. Doesn't feel complete.

Next day, we went for Daniel's ex-colleague's baby's birthday!

My hair is insanely thick now and my ends are quite damaged! Going to Salon Vim tomorrow to fix it (: Love my sponsor!!

Daniel's get up (:

And my outfit! Pants from Shopcosmicloset and will also be up in TJM next week (:
Baroque top available on TJM now!

Anyways, JUICE 75 is up already (:

Order form is not working so please email me your orders to instead!

I was so bored this afternoon that I went to the $2 ABC supermart and Fairprice xpress to "shop".
Gave myself a budget of $50 and here's what I bought!

All in 20 minutes :D and it was about $40!! Never knew shopping in my neighbourhood could be so fun too haha!

The kimchi seaweed's quite nice, mac n cheese SUCKS. Am gonna bake the brownies later tonight! Haven't tried the happy hippo and m&m cookies before, I hope it's nice!
Rum and raisin from Haagen Dazs? MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!

The way to win my heart is stomach! HAHA

Okay have a great Sunday night all (:



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