Thursday, 8 November 2012

{My typical BKK trip}

I get a lot of questions on formspring regarding Bangkok, and let me regurgitate this. I'll not hesitate to ignore questions I've answered before or can be googled or can be found on the BKK guide I've done here.

So here goes my recent trip to BKK (:

7am flight to Bangkok on Monday morning after a wonderful birthday weekend with Daniel.
I didn't buy check-in baggage this time round cos I usually go with super little things in my luggage and it always weighs below 10kg. And guess what, I didn't know they go by size of luggage for hand carry and my luggage was huge. So I got to pay for my luggage to be checked in.... FOR 60 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!
My luggage only weighed 7kg and I had to bloody pay so much I was so pissed off.... but it's my fault for not reading properly on their website.

So anyways, slept through my whole ride.

Rainy morning so there was a bit of turbulence.

Got off the plane, bought my prepaid card from the airport and set off to my hotel to leave the luggage at the concierge. It was 10am and too early to check in so I went to Thonglor for brunch!

Headed to Roast again cos I wanted to go somewhere near my eyelash salon which is at J Avenue. 
Roast serves really nice coffee, decent breakfast and pretty good main course.

Skipped the whole conventional breakfast menu which consists of lots of egg/salmon stuff cos I wanted something nice. Like not just eggs? Enough of that brunch shit in Singapore man. So I ordered a mushroom risotto lunch set which came with salad, tomato soup, limeade juice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Everything cost about 400baht after tax.. which is about $16SGD. So worth it!

So yeah, I sat at the outdoor seating area reading my book and munching on my brunch. Really an ideal and fundamental way to kick off the day. 

The vanilla ice cream which took me by surprise. Very nice with the cereal crisps.

Instagram-ed the photos of my food and @roastbkk liked my pictures! So cool that the boss/whoever that manages the ig account follows me. Kinda wish he/she would come and talk to me instead so I can tell them how much I love their coffee and risotto!!

Roast BKK

Walked across the street and was hoping to grab some desserts at After You but it was closed :(

Strolled along Thonglor and saw this chicken rice stall. Is it suppose to be Boon Tong Kee instead? I've never heard of any Boon Tong Kiat chicken rice. Anyways, did my eyelash extension at Take Care Beauty again at J-avenue!

Lasted for an hour and I headed off to source for TJM after that.

Took a small break and went back to my hotel to check in and boy was I shocked at the size of my room....

I really went like..... wah so big what the hell, when I walked in. 
It's quite comfortable, definitely spacious but a bit run down even though they just gave the rooms a paint job. Service was quite bad too. Called the receptionist for toothbrush, fix my door peephole and to ask for help to carry my baggage down... it all took super long to be done and I was pissed.

I'm very very particular about customer service, so I guess I really wasn't swept off by this hotel even though the room was really huge and comfortable.

For those who are interested, it's Centrepoint Petchburi hotel/serviced apartment. Booked it for $85 per night without breakfast.

Wearing top and shorts coming in TJM soon, and thank you The Daisy Closet for the snuggly crochet black cardigan!! I don't have my own basic black cardi so it's a staple addition to my wardrobe!

Was done with sourcing around 6.30pm and headed back to the hotel to freshen up for my...NIGHT OUT!
Hahah I haven't been going out at night for the past few lone trips cos my family and Daniel are worried about me so I made a pact with them that I'd stay in the hotel.... but really it's damn boring.......

So I begged Daniel before I left Singapore to let me go out and assured him I'd take care of myself and go back to the hotel by 9pm.
He kept saying no at first and told me "Please understand kaykay, I really don't want to lose you. What if something happen to you and I won't see you forever. I know it's boring for you, but it's for your own safety." But in the end he relented and told me I MUST be back by 9pm and must text him when I'm back in the hotel :')

So weeeeeeeeeee... I went out! 

Another picture of the cardi! Can you see the crochet details? Love small little details like that.
Get it from The Daisy Closet now! It comes in 2 other colours too (:

So I went to Siam paragon which is pretty near my hotel by cab/train. Took a taxi for like 40baht (slightly less than $2SGD).

Went for thai dinner at the basement at their foodhall! Super lots of food there, can never finish trying despite my xxxx visits there! Then shopped around. Bought a furry sling from their newly opened H&M which has tons of good-looking guys lor :'''( hahah but sadly they are gays. 
Then went to this shop that sells JC shoes. Don't ask me for the shop name, I can NEVER remember it. I think it's on the 2nd floor though. Tried out the JC Soiree heels cos I really like it and want to get it... but it feels a bit uncomfortable? :/

Got myself 2 donuts from Krispy Kreme(also at siam paragon basement) to accompany me through the night. Yeah went back to hotel to reply TJM mails and settle backorder stuff (: See, I'm overseas but still so hardworking ok!! Daytime go sourcing, night time reply mails until 3am you know!! Ok luh, I also enjoy the nature of my work (:

Woke up to this view on the next day. Not bad luh I guess, for a polluted country hahaha. Stood at my balcony for a good 5 minutes to enjoy the not so fresh air and scenery!

OOTD - peplum top and quilted shorts coming in TJM soon (:

Went to my favorite pork rice stall (which is famous for their wanton noodles also) for lunch!! So shiok I had 2 plates of it!!! Very rare that I eat 2 servings for a meal ok! Only 60baht ($2.50SGD) per plate of heaven!!

Don't think they have a shop name, but it's located at Petchburi Soi 19. Opposite platinum mall! 
They have the silver stalls outside with like pork and duck hanging so quite easy to spot!

Continued with sourcing for awhile then headed off to explore Chidlom!

Dusk view (: nice right?? but the traffic last warning. I walked from my hotel to chidlom and back to the hotel cos I know it'd be longer if I took a cab. Siao one the jam!! And they have no non-peak or peak hour like Singapore. The jam is 24/7!! It's just how bad.

Went to do manicure at Number One (Petchburi Soi 15) before heading to the airport! Damn happy to be back cos I love my bed and bolster. Really, nothing feels like home. 

Went to collect pixie dress backorder yesterday and here's my outfit!!

Knit top sponsored by The Daisy Closet again! I think it's very cute and comfy (:

The Daisy Closet is set up to cater to petite girls like the owner herself who wishes to find many pretty apparels. The Daisy Closet is 2 years old now and is hoping to launch more often and bring in more pretty clothes for her customers!

My readers get free normal postage when you mention my blog!

Necklace from Nat and the black furry sling is from H&M Bangkok. Love it!!

Will be launching a new collection this Sunday and I promise it will be good! F/W 2012 is gonna be kickass (:

Enjoy my new ear muse

Happy midweek girls,


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